Account Based Marketing

The Hybrid ABM Approach

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the strategy that enables your company to focus its efforts only on those potential customers (accounts) that really matter. 

ABM ensures higher Return on Investment (ROI) and that all teams – marketing, sales, customer support – work together towards a common goal – increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

ABM is in everything you do – inbound marketing, digital marketing, SEO, content targeting, marketing automation, analytics, programmatic marketing and more – all targeted to accounts you want to focus on.

ABM or the ‘market of one’ is one of Xtra mile’s specializations. 

As experts in digital marketing for technology companies, it is only natural that we take our field-proven practice a step further to address individual prospects or accounts for our customers.

WHY engage in ABM?

Today, people don’t like being sold to. They are familiar with the tactics and, let’s be honest, they are tired of them. 

Xtra mile helps you present highly targeted prospects only with solutions that are relevant to their needs and pain points. No more generalized content that may or may not hit the target.

Each account becomes a market of one, a single buyer persona and customer profile that receives the right message at the right time over the channel they use.

You know who your targets are, what positions they fill in each organization and what they read and are after. 

Instead of wasting resources with mass targeting that may yield poor results,
Xtra mile helps you pinpoint those specific persons or accounts that you know will maximize your returns.

WHAT makes us abm experts?

WHAT services do we offer that will help you jumpstart your ABM?

Account discovery
And enrichment including classification into tiers and intelligent allocation of resources
In-depth analytics
Of customers people and accounts in all stages of engagement, including analysis of engagement levels to continually perfect tactics and methods
Highly targeted
Digital and physical campaigns – identification of online and offline channels that are specific to each account
Expert knowledge
Of all media and data channels that yield optimum results – we leverage each medium and channel to serve personalized and consistent messages
Of all digital activities in all digital channels, at the individual account and contact levels

HOW do we do ABM?

Step 1


We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and wants but most importantly, we discover how ready they are to embark in ABM. 

Based on a thorough analysis of potential accounts and the competitive environment at the discovery stage, we help them build their ABM strategy.

Step 2

Matrix building

We meet with marketing, sales and customer support to identify the account tiers they want to focus on and define the targeting strategy for each. 

This helps us focus resources more effectively and run optimized campaigns. 

Instead of low conversion rates with a mass campaign, we pin down and give attention to those accounts that are more likely to convert.

Step 3

Content creation

We create extremely personalized content for specific accounts. 

Since we’ve already discovered and profiled the audience and mapped the personas, we can generate more targeted and effective content that is served at the right time in the journey.

Step 4

Channel development

Each account will most frequently have its own preferred channel. 

We develop these carefully to generate the expected engagement level. 

We are systematic in how we approach each channel and test to ensure we have a single integrated view of each account’s activity.

Step 5


Once all the above are in place and ready, we run the campaigns for each account and in each channel. 

We make sure everything is in place and tested to ensure the highest measure of success.

Step 6


The last link in the chain is measurement. 

We agree with marketing and sales on a revenue model and measure over time. 

We monitor indicators to create a pipeline of target accounts that will achieve the expected results.

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