4 Reasons Why You Should not Ignore Traditional Marketing

In March of last year, the world changed almost overnight. It took months for us to adjust to the “new normal” caused by the pandemic, and it forced many companies to abandon their original marketing plans for a more digital-centric approach. After all, events such as big conferences had to wait several months before companies could host them.

Yet this knee-jerk pivot to exclusively “cold” marketing touches online will leave your clients feeling dissatisfied. Why? Because they love and need personalization.

So, what’s the solution? You need to focus on new digital and social methods or small physical experiences to give them the personalization they crave. According to the Harvard Business Review, clients now expect you to have exactly what they want because of the pandemic – and hybrid marketing will help you meet their expectations.

Still not convinced? Read on for more reasons on why hybrid marketing should be a focus for your brand.

Clients will appreciate how much your care

According to Segment, 7 in 10 feels frustrated after an impersonal experience with a company. While the need for physical distancing has certainly complicated more traditional forms of marketing, your clients still expect you to have these elements – especially for when the pandemic comes to an end.

If your business switched to entirely digital marketing as a result of the pandemic, try slowly easing back towards more traditional forms. Consider hosting small, outdoor networking events to bring your clients together. In a time where we all miss human contact, your business will be seen as taking care of this issue in a safe and effective manner.

Hybrid marketing helps your brand stand out

As noted by HubSpot, businesses are shifting from traditional marketing towards online marketing – as evidenced by empty billboards in major cities. While these trends are certainly indicative of what works, they will quickly become saturated by businesses hopping on the digital bandwagon.

By paying attention to multiple forms of marketing during the pandemic, your brand will stick out to clients in a favorable way. In fact, combining social and digital with physical touches distinguishes your company from others.

For example, now more than ever, brands are expected to engage in CSR initiatives, such as hosting local community events or contributing to charities, which will help position you favorably among your target audiences. Digitally speaking, consider using solutions such as HubSpot to create highly personalized email campaigns

Ultimately, hybrid marketing will help you stand out from an overly digital crowd.

Your marketing will become sustainable

As established, marketing fads come and go, which puts companies with little diversification at a massive disadvantage. In life and business, you never want to put too many eggs in one basket.

By pursuing different channels to market yourself in, you are inherently shielding yourself from economic fluctuations and changes in public perception. Aside from the inherent benefits of increased personalization and more optimal segmentation, hybrid marketing makes your brand as flexible as possible. Moreover, it helps you feel more comfortable trying innovative and different ways to market your company.

Consider the following: ByteDance LTD founded TikTok a little under four years ago. Now, they have 689 million active monthly users. If your brand took advantage of this social media sensation before every other company did, you would reap immense benefits. And hybrid marketing pressures your company to pivot constantly.

Even in a pandemic, hybrid marketing helps you reach your audience

While the pandemic forced many brands to pivot to digital experiences, digital and traditional marketing still absolutely go hand-in-hand. You want to position your brand at every focal point of your audience, whether they see an ad on Facebook or look at a billboard in Times Square. The more persistent you are, the better marketing you do.

Moreover, the pandemic has amplified the importance of companies taking a stand on important issues. When you demonstrate your company cares about more than just profits, through both digital and physical ways, your target audience will come to appreciate your brand more.

And now, take a step back and look at your overall marketing plan. Are you concentrated on one channel? Do you need to branch outwards? With hybrid marketing, you can solve these problems, and it will help your company build a community of diverse and loyal clients. With these benefits in mind, take some time to figure out how hybrid marketing can best benefit your brand.

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