5 Marketing Automation Tips For The Lazy B2B Marketers


B2B marketers are always busy. In between reading reports, working on your inbound marketing materials, writing, and approving blog posts, white papers, and thought leadership content, managing, and monitoring social media activity you always need to deliver results.

I am not going to solve all your day to day hustle in this post, but here are 5 tips that might help you get rid of some burden in your busy marketing work.


Automate and simplify your social media tasks with social media management software – posting and monitoring social media can be a time-consuming task and the more you grow your social media presence the more time you will need to invest in it.

Although investing in social media presence will be very important for your business, using social media management software such as Sprout Social will allow you to achieve your goals using less of your time and in a more efficient manner.

Publish to multiple platforms in a glance, allow the software to publish on your behalf at the right times, plan, and let the software drive in autopilot for most of the time.

Additionally, using social media management software will make it easier for you to understand the impact of using reports and save time on digging in each channel’s reporting systems.


Initiate and automate conversations on your website with a ChatBot – website live chat is proven to be a very effective tool to initiate the conversation with your website’s visitors and even engage and generate leads, that said, live chat is heavy on time and resources. 

Therefore, ChatBot can be a very good idea. Think about what you’re trying to achieve and offer website visitors, plan a conversation script accordingly, and publish.
From analyzing the conversations and results afterward you’ll be able to understand what works better and how you can optimize and improve, make the experience as seamless and “live-like” as you can.


Set up automated reports – reading and analyzing reports is a very important part of every B2B marketer. The ideal situation is to set up your important and ongoing reports from any platform you are working with one time and afterward automate them to be sent to you every once in a while (you decide the cadence). 

Google Analytics, HubSpot, Digital ads platforms, and more allow you to create custom reports that will be sent to you via email, this way you will eliminate the time-consuming task of going into the system an generating the same reports over and over again – push instead of pull.


Raise opportunity flags to your sales team – marketing and sales alignment is very important, a lot of times this alignment is good but there are more opportunities to take advantage of. Using a marketing automation platform (like HubSpot) allows you to push information from your marketing data to the sales team. 

For example, if you set a workflow that will send an email & SMS notification to a sales rep once a lead is visiting the pricing page on the company’s website, the rep will be able to act on it and maybe with this information will be able to close the deal.


Set up automated rules on your digital marketing campaigns – some digital advertising platforms as google ads and Facebook ads manager allow you to set up automated rules to control your campaigns in an automated way.

Those features will allow you to set rules that can control your budget, start and stop campaigns/ads, optimize your creativity according to pre-defined results, and more, the sky is the limit. You can use automated rules to help you control your campaigns and save you manual work to some degree.

To sum up,

B2B marketing is a very wide field and B2B marketers tend to be busy and get all over, thinking about automating and saving time can be helpful to free up time that is invested on manual work to do important creative or strategic work.

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