5 Must-Try 2021 Video Marketing Insights


In today’s digital world, businesses are trying everything they can to get customers’ attention. Given that 81% of companies have incorporated videos into their marketing plans, only 6 in 10 have actually created videos as part of the execution plan. . Or in other words, we know most companies understand the value of videos and strongly believe videos should receive a prominent spot in their marketing plan, but we usually don’t act accordingly.

So the obvious question is probably this; While videos should have a place in your marketing plan, where in the world should I start? Lucky for you, we’ve created a helpful guide on how to take advantage of video marketing trends!

Keep it short and sweet

People have extremely short attention spans. If you intend on adding videos to your marketing strategies, make sure you keep this rule in mind!

While apps like TikTok have become extremely popular among younger generations, there are still lessons we can use when marketing as a B2B business. Given that 55% of videos viewed on mobile are less than five minutes in length, even working professionals are more receptive to shorter videos – after all, they have little time to spare outside of work!

Short-form videos are an inexpensive and excellent way to tap into your audience’s head. Try creating quick, informative clips which help explain how to do something!

Go live in 3… 2… 1!

Given live streaming video grew by a massive 93%, with users spending 26.4 minutes per session on average, this is a great way to engage your clients in both a traditional and digital way through the pandemic and beyond. B2B businesses can make use of this trend by hosting live Q&A sessions and pivoting their previous in-person conferences to virtual events.

And, just like short-form videos, they are perfect for any budget. If your company operates in a specific niche, live streaming can significantly help engage your clients in a more intimate and impactful way. Having said that, while it always recommended to use a real studio to host high-quality live streams, you can also work via most social media platforms, which all have live video options, and literally require you to use only your phone to record.,

Try adding more value to your audience

Have you ever spent hours watching hundreds of how-to videos, hoping to learn useful skills like SEO and digital marketing?

When you create videos for your clients, your brand will start to become an industry expert. Moreover, informational content is a great way to nurture your leads and turn them into customers. In fact, according to HubSpot, conversions increase by 80% when you include a video on your landing page.

Explain your product or service using explainer videos

Marketers have one goal when running campaigns: to convince customers they have a challenge, and the company has a solution. While spelling it out in articles, white papers, and more can help, explainer videos (tutorials) are a great way to visualize how you can help transform your audience.

Since users are statistically more engaged with video content, try crafting a creative video listing out what exactly your company/product does. Frame the issue, list the implications, and finally, clearly explain how your brand fits into your audience’s narrative.

Given that 7 in 10 consumers view videos as more effective than blogs, you should consider diversifying how you present your unique value proposition.

Save time and opt for user-generated video content

If you really can’t spare additional time to make videos—and you should—you can always use clips created by your users. After all, we view user-generated content as 2.4 times more genuine than what businesses produce.

Encourage fans of your brand to create videos detailing their experience. For example, if you sell consultation services, invite satisfied clients to an interview where you can get live testimonials.

Given that roughly 16% of brands lack a strategy around user-generated content, you can easily differentiate yourself and build a loyal base that does the marketing for you!

While these only represent a handful of video marketing trends for 2021, they are a great starting point for your brand to start engaging in a more meaningful and direct way with business professionals.

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