6 Ways to Spot your Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors help promote the company’s brand utilizing their own personal and professional networks. The best ambassadors are employees – they know the company and its products, its unique selling points, and they know what makes the company a great place to work for.

This is why many companies nowadays are establishing Ambassador Programs to help promote their employer brand, leveraging their power, skills and connections to spread the word.  

So how can we identify those employees who can be good ambassadors?

Here are 6 tips to help you spot your brand advocates:

  • XtraMileIcon Look at their desks. The employees that nest, those who invest time into making their cubicle/office space theirs, is a good place to start. They are the ones that root themselves into the organization and are not afraid to share their personality through their picture frames, their plants, their hand lotions or even their toy collection.
  • XtraMileIcon The social magnet. Every organization has that one person that organizes and gets a group of employees together to either form a running team, create a young-professionals group, or even invites to a lunch out or a night out. They are your leaders. Include them into your program!
  • XtraMileIcon Ones that share. Employees that share company highlights on social media platforms are your organic social ambassadors. They are a great addition to your program because they are proud and public about working for your organization and they are not afraid to mix their personal profiles with business. Ask them to join!
  • XtraMileIcon Spot the collectors. Every internal/ external event these days give you swag. Spot those employees who keep souvenirs from work-related happenings and stocks it up for show. They like to be active; they love to learn new things and to mingle.
  • XtraMileIcon Many referrals from one person? They are keepers! And of course, a great addition to your team. They are well connected and care about the quality of workers in the organization. They are not afraid of mixing personal life with work life because for them it is all one big family.
  • XtraMileIcon Ideas and Actions. People that bring new ideas of how to make a work process better, more profitable, with practical steps on achieving it are your outside the box thinkers. They also think outside their title – which is a must have attitude for ambassadors. Hunt them out, they really care about the general growth of the organization.

Wishing you the best of luck (and lots of fun!) forming your dream team of brand ambassadors.

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