How to keep content genuine in the age of AI


XM GPT AI - How to keep content genuine in the age of AI

With Chapt GPT becoming more and more common as a tool for content writers, we need to make sure that it is only a tool and not doing all of the work for us.

The thing is, that GPT has an eerily consistent tone and style to its response from word choice, grammar, vocabulary, and text structure. If you try to ask it something without being specific, ChatGPT may resort to its internal, neutral tendencies. If you want to make sure your content sounds human and not robotic, keep these AI giveaways in mind. 

Chat GPT tends to overuse these words that are not actually used commonly by english-speaking humans. While some of these words can be used genuinely, the overuse of them has become a red flag for AI reliance. Try to avoid using them unless you absolutely mean them:

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There are many templates that GPT uses much too often and make the whole piece of content sound robotic. There absolutely are times when these templates are useful, but pay attention to make sure that you are not overly relying on them: 

  • In a X world 
  • In the era of X 
  • Dive into the world of X 
  • Rapidly evolving landscapes 
  • It’s not just X, but Y 
  • X can lead to Y 
  • Here are several 
  • This could involve 
  • Master the art of X 
  • commitment to continuous improvement and innovation 
  • Game changer 
  • Thrilled to announce

This is a fun way to add personality and emphasis to a post when done right. GPT adds emojis almost randomly. Unrelated emojis at the beginning of a sentence are almost always GPT. It’s favorite emojis include: 🚀🌟💡🤖⚡🌍✨🔍💻. If you are going to use emojis, make them relevant to the text and put them in a place that makes sense to you as a human.  

AI writing tools take a little longer to get to the point, often leading and concluding with something cliche or metaphorical, with too much pathos. When writing for social media, especially, but not just, the first sentence must grab people’s attention and deliver the main message of the content.  

ChatGPT is trained on content from every corner of the internet. One person’s strong opinion on a topic has been watered down by hundreds of opposing views, so it doesn’t know what to believe, which means that any opinions, references, and advice it gives will be generic. When humans write, they include personal stories from their own experiences and reference the companies, achievements, or mistakes of people in their network. ChatGPT will not include quirky stories or relevant quotes unless you prompt it specifically. 


There is nothing wrong with using AI language modules to help generate ideas, simplify processes, and get over writer’s block – but they cannot be the basis of your marketing strategy. Just check out the AI-generated synopsis of this blog, to see for yourself!

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