An engaging employee experience shapes a killer employer brand


A killer employer brand, whether communicated internally to employees or externally to potential employees, is one that reflects the authentic experience employees have with the company as an employer. 

It is this experience that increases employee engagement and pride in the company,
making them willing to share why it is their employer of choice.

So, what are the 3 trends in employee experience that can help position your organization as a top employer?


#1 CSR 

 Feeling a sense of purpose in one’s job, is one of the greatest contributors to employee engagement, as is the sense of meaning that accompanies working for a socially responsible organization. When social responsibility is aligned in the marketplace, workplace, community and environment a holistic a perception is created and the employer brand story becomes irresistible

#2 – Brand Ambassadors 

Employees galvanized into promoting the company brand play an important role in extending the reach of your employer brand among desired target audiences as well as enhancing the credibility and authenticity of its message. 

A Brand Ambassadors’ program, where employees also enhance their own personal brands, is a win-win situation that creates a positive experience and positive awareness for employees and employer alike.

#3 Learning and Development 

Opportunities for professional and personal development are amongst the strongest drivers for choosing an employer. The trend towards personalized learning means it is now the employees’ responsibility to develop themselves, while it becomes the employers’ responsibility to motivate and encourage employees to do so.

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