What B2B digital marketing in 2020 will look like

What B2B digital marketing in 2020 will look like


In less than a year’s time the clock will make its way to the year 2020, and we will be faced with changes to our B2B Digital Marketing strategies.

In this article we will explore together what the future might have in stores for us, it is only a couple of months away, so make sure you are as ready as you can be!  

Let’s start by analyzing the consumer of the future:

The modern consumer of today (either a business or an end consumer) is impatient, has a world of choices, and unlimited frontiers. 
As the consumer constantly evolves, the 2020 consumer is predicted to want and demand more.

What we predict based on trends and field experience is 4 factors:

If you are or are doing awesome – stress it, flaunt it.


It is hard to separate technology from consumer’s demands as we are heading towards an era of full technology adoption.

This is why… When strategizing for your 2020 digital marketing efforts, note that you will have to rely on two main pillars.

1) Make sure you are relying heavily on digital options with the right technology and that you focus on having friendly to use user interface and strong tools for data analysis.


2) Make sure you continue to invest your efforts with the personal touch, the “human behind the counter”.

Are you ready for 2020? We are!

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