B2B marketing on TikTok


As of 2020, almost 3 years post launch, TikTok has opened its cyber gates for businesses and has harnessed thousands of business accounts so far. As TikTok harbors an endless array of subcultures, all kinds of businesses use the platform to build awareness, create interest, and add spice to drive sales. Businesses found many of their clients on TikTok, and now, B2B companies are following their clients thereafter. Using TikTok for your B2B can provide a competitive advantage even if not all your audience has yet to join, soon enough – they will.

TikTok’s Big Bang

The explosion of TikTok’s rapid take and its giddy success, has hooked monthly over a billion active users tapping into endless discovery. As the Corona took the world for a ride, many, all around the globe, found solace in TikTok and even the “older” consumers soared in, increasing 30+ year old users by 5.5 times. Its algorithm allows anyone to go viral and it regularly searches for new clips instead of just promoting the already popular reals or excerpts of popular accounts. Unlike other platforms, the algorithm delivers the content to the users and your post can garner high engagement rates that can rapidly go viral, regardless of your follower size. As the “For You Page” algorithm calculates parameters such as hashtags, location, device, language, reactions, music preference, etc., content gets spread far beyond regular reach.

The potential is massive, especially when reaching out to other businesses in a unique way. Standing out and differentiating your brand is what leaves the mark these days, no matter the enterprise, place, or platform.

Tik the Talk & Walk the Walk

All Marketers, both B2B and B2C ought to accelerate and tap into TikTok- the fastest growing video sharing, social media platform around the world. TikTok enables limitless customer reach in new creative ways while creating a genuine buzz facilitating deals to close in a swift. Essentially, the time has come to think like marketers but act like creative creators. While creating great content is trickier than watching the TikTok clips, inserting emotions into your strategies or adding creative humorous angles will set your content to blast off. In this age, the customers (or businesses for that matter), are no longer searching for the cold hard facts, but rather, to be swept off their feet with humor and emotions. A revolutionary study by the B2B Institute* proved that B2B marketing strategies provoking emotions will massively drive 7 times more business than rational campaigns do. Bottom line, your emotional TikTok clips can generate more leads with its fun, entertaining, informative, and emotion evoking video content.

Tok it up!

Whether you’ll generate challenging videos, cringe clips, informative reals, or any other, experimenting with TikTok will position your B2B ahead of the game. As personalized content and emotive marketing are still underplayed, TikTok is an amazing opportunity for B2B companies to create content for your potential and current customers, and distinguish yourself as a genuine, up with the times, and ready to roll out emotions. Plus, it can be an attractive platform for recruitment and employer branding efforts.

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* Why B2B marketers need to get in touch with their feelings (linkedin.com)


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