B2C Digital Marketing Tools that B2B Should Adopt

B2C Digital Marketing Tools that B2B Should Adopt


There are as many marketing strategies as there are clients. However, when it comes to digital marketing, some strategies have been split between the ‘B2C’ and ‘B2B’ categories. For some reason, B2B businesses seem reluctant to use some of the B2C tactics and marketing tools, if they think about them at all. These limitations are only in the minds of marketers, and there is a lot that B2B marketing agencies can transport from the B2C world if they’ll be open to it.

If YouTube it, They Will Come

YouTube is the world’s largest source of video content. There is no reason some of that content can’t be yours. YouTube’s live blogging tools allow you to upload webinars as they happen and have them stay as a resource basically forever.

Annotation tools allow you to update the information when necessary, turning your YouTube channel into a dedicated education center.

YouTube also gives you an additional route for remarketing. Especially when it comes to professional content, every viewer is a potential lead.

It’s All in the Book

Facebook has been a boon to B2C marketing: finely targeted audiences, a chance to connect with clients directly – It’s a revolution. However, when it comes to B2B, many away from the popular social network. You could make the case that this is Facebook’s fault: after all, the site is promoting itself as one to connect people, not businesses. But Facebook is a great tool to create awareness for your brand. Presence in the social network can add to your company’s reputation and help you engage in employer branding. Facebook can become a powerful engine for recruitment. A brand that people recognized is not only a brand that people want to work with, but a brand people want to work for.

That’s not to say that Facebook’s advertising tools aren’t still useful for B2B. You can use targeting by job title to get the attention of C-suit executives in fields that you want to court. You can also target specific groups, and with many professional communities active on Facebook, you can mine many quality leads by going that route.

Not Just for the Filters

Instagram is yet another tool that very few B2B companies use in their marketing. Yes, I said Instagram. Just because your business doesn’t sell ironic products for the millennial household doesn’t mean you can’t use Instagram’s 700 million userbase to your advantage. If you want your business to stand out, you need to think of all the places your business can be seen, and Instagram is definitely such a place.

Your Instagram account is yet another opportunity for branding, especially when it comes to employer branding. Why tell people that working for you is great when you can simply show them?

There’s an App for That

Mobile apps are an excellent way to turn a useful section of your website into something interactive and responsive. Check the heatmap of your site. Odds are, there is some part of your site that is busier and carry more interaction than other parts. That’s where a mobile app can make a difference and generate added value for your clients.

A mobile app also opens up new ways to promote your company. Apps can be promoted on the storefront independently from any other marketing efforts you might put in place. Using this tactic, you can reach more potential leads, in new, exciting ways.


Adding to Your Marketing Arsenal

Not all the tools mentioned above are suitable for all client. It’s up to a good B2B digital marketing agency to find the techniques that work best for each client’s unique needs. It is important, however, not to limit yourself when coming up with ways to promote your company. There’s no reason to split your digital marketing arsenal in two. After all, the internet is a land of possibilities!

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