Don’t Give Up on Traditional Marketing


Embrace The Dual Power of Hybrid Marketing

Recently, we have seen how the Corona outburst, Gen Z entering the workforce, and the “Great Resignation” have contributed to new marketing trends while digital marketing is rapidly replacing traditional marketing. Gartner reports that 28% of marketers have already cut their traditional marketing budget in favor of digital marketing! However, traditional marketing still has a lot to offer: Before you put traditional marketing to rest, and as you rightfully enter the world of digital marketing, remember: there is never a dull moment in the marketing world, and you never know what tools may come in handy. As such, it is always essential to keep up with the times while embracing traditional practices.

What is hybrid marketing?

Hybrid marketing combines traditional and digital marketing techniques, such as print ads, flyers, trade shows, emails, blogs, video conferences, and social media, to craft the customer’s journey by combining online and offline interactions. It’s a comprehensive approach that considers all the different marketing approaches and how they can work together for the best results.

Still skeptical? Consider these benefits when figuring out how hybrid marketing can best serve your organization:

  • Invest in your customers – According to a Segment survey, 7 out of 10 people feel frustrated after an impersonal experience with a company. A hybrid marketing strategy allows prospects to interact with your company in person or virtually (depending on their needs) through events, mailers, white papers, online surveys, etc. When you consider your customers throughout their journey, they will trust you more, strengthening your relationship. Overall, hybrid marketing compels your company to keep pivoting, constantly investing in your customers.
  • Make your brand stand out – Combining modern technology with traditional methods of reaching customers will help organizations stand out in an oversaturated digital landscape. Social, digital, and physical touchpoints will give your company that unique edge aside from greater engagement in meeting your audience within different environments.
  • Save – Instead of optimizing each platform separately, let the different channels work together to move the customer down the funnel. You can maximize your marketing budget by identifying the entire customer journey, fine-tuning your budget allocation, improving data quality, predicting performance, and taking action based on your ongoing insights. Use the insights to decide whether to put more or less money into certain marketing channels, targeting strategies, or campaigns depending on the whole picture.
  • Increase ROI – By using hybrid marketing, you engage customers online and offline, providing them with relevant and personalized content that stimulates sales. The more customers you keep, the more sales you will be able to generate through hybrid marketing. As a result of hybrid marketing, you can avoid economic fluctuations and maintain a high brand perception since you can adapt the distribution of channels and content according to your audience’s needs and the economy.


From Facebook ads to Times Square billboards, positioning your brand at every touchpoint is essential. The more persistent you are, the better your marketing will be. According to the Harvard Business Review, people expect everything to be tailored just for them. Using hybrid marketing tactics will ultimately ensure that your brand connects with all audiences, promotes your content from every direction, and solidifies your credibility while increasing customer loyalty

. As the number of platforms and ways for audiences to communicate with you has grown in recent years, Hybrid marketing is a great way to reach out to your target audience and make them passionate about what you offer.

Take a step back and look at your overall marketing plan. Is your marketing strategy limited to one channel? Are you ready to branch out and grow?

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