Transparency of ads through the Facebook library

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Did you know that you can now learn about all the live ads on Facebook?

It is true! You can now search through the Facebook’s Ad Library by choosing and searching for a company name, topic or organization to see a collection of ALL active adds that they are currently running.

1 - Transparency of ads through the Facebook library


2 - Transparency of ads through the Facebook library

You can see when the ad started running, the look and feel of each ad and you can even explore ads by different country.

3 - Transparency of ads through the Facebook library

Incredible, right?

We think so.

On top of that, you only need this link to explore the library. Anyone with or without a Facebook account can explore. No subscription necessary.

This changes traditional marketing research with straight access to your competitor’s paid marketing strategies.

You might be asking yourself: Why is Facebook doing this? The answer is… well, politics. Specifically, thanks to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections because of… well, I think you know.

In May 2018, Facebook launched an Ad Archive that showed ads only related to politics or policy issues. A year later, Facebook has decided to show inactive political ads AND on top of that also show ALL active ads about ANYTHING.

Which is great for Marketers, like you and me.

It is an open door into seeing what the competition is doing, where (in which countries) they are doing it and how they are doing it in Facebook, all, in real time.

It is also a medium to help us strategize and plan our customer’s paid and non-paid social media calendars with another layer of data in hand – competitor’s paid ads.

So go ahead and start exploring, we promise it will have you hooked for hours.

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