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Contrary to what most people believe, Instagram is a treasure trove of opportunities for B2B companies. Among the major social sites, Instagram fosters the most interactions per individual follower, according to Track Maven’s research. The platform facilitates the sharing of photos and videos over a social network and reaches over a billion users, including your target market. In fact, according to Sprout Social Index, over 50% of consumers use Instagram to follow and connect with their favorite brands. Any B2B companies already embrace it, including IBM, HubSpot, and Abode. If you’re not marketing on Instagram yet, you’re missing out on great exposure and revenue.

On Instagram, you can distinguish your brand, build audiences, and promote customer loyalty in more ways than you might think. The platform can help you effectively secure your place at the top of your customers’ and prospects’ minds from the awareness stage until the contract is signed. Instagram is also a great platform to promote your podcasts, and through them – your products and services as well.
Here are some reasons why you just can’t afford to pass up Instagram:

  • As cheap as chips – You can reach your targeted audience without spending a lot on paid advertising. Opening an account is free, as is access to analytics, success rates, and other helpful metrics. Also, by experimenting with paid marketing as your posts are analyzed in real-time and you will receive insight into your followers’ changing preferences. Authenticity and spontaneity are the best ways to tell your story, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time and money. Behind-the-scenes footage, user-generated content, or product-based content are best for this type of marketing, especially for B2B.
  • Compare and improve – Keeping track of your competitors from around the world is easy with Instagram. Before building your Instagram B2B strategy, take some time to look at what your competitors are posting, how they interact with their audience, what their sales offers are, and so on. Use that information to construct or improve your own strategy.
  • Cinematic entertainment– With beautiful imagery and inspiring design, your page can convey your brand’s message to world easily. Every step of your customer’s journey can be supported by Instagram’s video posts, reels, and live-streaming. According to a recent Forrester study, short-form videos play a major role in the B2B buying process and can even assist brands in getting on the vendor shortlists of highly coveted vendors, making Instagram quite an effective tool. Visual content supports every stage of the buying process – the two most valuable content formats for marketers.
  • Heavy-duty branding – Instagram ads are a game changer when it comes to B2B brand awareness. A consistent Instagram ad strategy will ensure prospects remember your brand when it matters most. You can build a strong brand by utilizing visual imagery and data if you stick to your niche and branding and send a clear message about it. You could also experiment with methods of driving more traffic to your site. Alternatively, as an employer brand tool, you could use the network to also connect with potential hires and pique their interest.
  • Spreads like wildfire – B2B marketing is always easier, faster, and more effective with user-generated content. When people engage with your Instagram posts, their friends will see them and become active members of your marketing campaigns. They might even approach new potential clients and inquire if your product is being used, making your audience ambassadors while saving you money.


In other words, don’t be afraid to utilize Instagram’s features for marketing to businesses, find and reach out to businesses relevant to your product. It’s time to stop thinking about Instagram as only a B2C platform. A good Instagram and content strategy will increase your brand’s favorability and stickiness for your clients and their clients.

Whether you need to grow sales, grow brand awareness, or solidify commercial relationships, now is the time to create an Instagram strategy that supports your marketing goals. Our teams are ready to help you plan and create engaging content that will drive prospects through your marketing funnel – as we have done for so many other brands and customers.

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