Linkedin features that will give you the Xtra Edge


LinkedIn ceased being just a professional network for people to post their resume and connect with peers a long time ago. Today, it is widely recognized as a powerful marketing engine.

Here are some ‘veteran’ LinkedIn features you may still not be aware of that can help you market your company and services better.

Keyword Tips

LinkedIn gives you suggestions of keywords that make you stand out in their searches. Using relevant keywords increase your chances of being noticed and reach the people you want. Use keywords to expose yourself in LinkedIn’s search engine and let people come to you.

How You Rank

This is one of LinkedIn most popular features. However, it goes beyond just allowing individuals to see how they rank compared to their connections or colleagues. Today you can check how you rank compared to people and/or professionals that are ‘like’ you, who have similar experience or expertise, and who are not in your list of connections. This significantly increases the chances of your profile being seen, which in turn increases its rank.

New Ways to Engage with Who’s Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile

This is also a feature that most people know that has been expanded for premium accounts. The extended functionality enables LinkedIn users to see which actions they took that led to a specific increase in engagement. This could be frequent updates to the user’s profile, endorsing a connection, providing a recommendation, joining a group or expanding the user’s network. Any and all of these are analyzed by LinkedIn, which then provides users with the information so that they can reinforce their persona online and reach the right audience. This is invaluable when building your brand in LinkedIn.

Stay Up-to-Date with Your LinkedIn Groups

The New Groups landing page makes it easier to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the groups you manage or the groups you’re a member of. This makes the time you spend on LinkedIn Groups more productive and gives your product/service added values.

Influencer Content on LinkedIn

You can quickly and easily find all Influencer posts in LinkedIn directly from the search box. You can look for tips on how to become an expert, or articles about your field of expertise – they are all at your fingertips.

Tagging Your Contacts

Tag or untag anyone in your contact list so that you can sort them in the manner that is most useful to you. This give you control over how people contact you. At the same time, it helps you segment your contacts to better target your marketing and sales activities.

Premium Insights

Lest you think that we are not abreast of latest developments (like the fact that LinkedIn was just acquired by Microsoft), here’s a LinkedIn feature that is hot off the presses.

When you visit the page of a company you are following in LinkedIn, Premium Insights shows you distinctive and up-to-date information about it like rate of growth, number of employees, recent hires, and more. This great feature can be invaluable for investment or business-development managers that want to obtain more information about a company or learn about competitors or industry trends. Premium Insights is a very helpful decision-making tool.


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