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It is amazing how the more technology makes strides and marketing becomes more and more digital we look for ways to go back in time, to the real (not virtual) relationship with our customers, to the encounter with those who truly know us and what we like, to the people that care for us. This disassociation and sensation of digital detachment does not always make us feel good; and neither seems good for business.

There is a clip running on YouTube now called Disconnect to Connect (which, by the way, cannot be viewed by those who are not connected… A paradox…). Orange also embarked on a campaign that encourages people to disconnect from the phone during their most significant moments (well, family was always a priority for Orange).

But we don’t have to really disconnect to feel connected and have a sensation of belonging. In looking for this intimacy, targeted and personalized marketing technologies have been developed, which are in fact cold technological tools that create a sensation of warmth (another paradox). This is marketing that provides customers with the service and response they expect, giving them the feeling that the business knows them personally and has an intimate relationship connection with them. Personalized marketing is aimed at satisfying the customer: “You don’t have to make the effort. Here is what you’re looking for.” It improves the user experience and enables you to give your customers the most suitable offer for them online.

Personalized marketing comprises two main elements. The first is advanced tools that enable you to analyze and monitor, in real time, your digital activities and obtain analytical and marketing metrics. The second consists of online applications that create personalized interfaces for websites and adapt the content of the pages to specific visitors based on their usage patterns and preferences. Here too there are many things you can do. There is Remarketing, an awareness campaign that ‘follows’ those who visited your website at any given time and show them a banner in the form of an ad when they are browsing any other website. Beyond the personalization factor, remarketing gives your visitors the sensation that your product is substantial and dominant – otherwise, how could your ads appear everywhere they go online?

Another option is to use Contextual UI, which is relevant mainly for eCommerce sites that people visit more than once to compare prices. In these websites, from the second visit onwards, a database begins to be built with the preferences and usage patterns of each visitor. In contextual UI, from the repeat visit, the visited page is created dynamically based on the attributes and status of that visitor during the visit. From that point onwards, on every visit, people will receive targeted information about the product they were interested in, alternatives, and other attractive sales, as well as other information that is relevant only to them.

Undoubtedly, the value added for personalizing your market is huge, because beyond the sensation of personal knowledge that it creates, this type of marketing focuses the users and saves them lots of search time. A good user experience will get happy customers to return to your site, turning them from people of interest to you to people interested in you. From there, the journey to becoming your customers is much shorter.

Now that you’ve finished reading this post we know you’re convinced. How do we know? Because we have the personalized marketing tools that tell us how long you spent here, which links you clicked, and even that you smiled inwardly to yourself a little. But this post is just a taste of what personalized marketing has to offer you. If you want, we can talk about all the rest personally.

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