Swimming in Talent with an ‘Always on’ Talent Pool 


XM GPT Amdocs - Swimming in Talent with an 'Always on' Talent Pool 

Xtra-Mile & Amdocs Collaborate for an ‘Always on’ Pool of Talents
Nurturing a Strong Talent Pool Strategy for Success 

In today’s competitive job market, efficient talent acquisition is crucial for any organization’s success. While it’s true that there are many fish in the sea, most of them aren’t the right ones for your company. With the landscape constantly evolving, the need for an “always on” talent pool, which has a supply of suitable candidates readily available, has become more essential than ever before. 

Keep reading to find out how Xtra-Mile and Amdocs joined forces to craft a powerful talent pool strategy aimed at creating a seamless flow of qualified candidates for every opportunity. 


Getting Started with Proactive Talent Acquisition & AI-Driven Recruitment Tech 

Amdocs Talent Management, already forward thinkers who have implemented AI-driven recruitment tech, wanted to develop a proactive hiring strategy that would match candidates to the right roles without them even needing to apply.  

In order to help them, our approach centered on creating and maintaining a vast talent pool that nurtures relationships with potential candidates, resulting in faster and higher-quality hires. With the right candidates on call, Amdocs would unlock a playground of opportunities.  


4 Steps to Building a Talent Pool Strategy: Our Persona-Based Approach 

Our talent pool strategy was meticulously crafted in four phases to maximize efficiency and success. Our approach involved the following:  

  1. Defining Segmentation Criteria: analyzing relevant qualities to segment potential candidates, ensuring a targeted approach to talent acquisition. 
  2. Characterizing Chosen Personas: based on 80 interviews Amdocs conducted with employees across diverse geographies and critical roles, we developed detailed personas to understand more about the candidates in the recruitment journey.  
  3. Differentiating Creative Approach: next, we developed a unique creative strategy for each persona, establishing the appropriate creatives and tone of voice for each audience to foster genuine engagement and interest. 
  4. Designing Customized Journeys: candidates in the talent pool would embark on personalized journeys that align with their personas, creating a unique experience and fostering a deeper connection with Amdocs. 


As potential candidates go through this journey, the goal is for them to become more familiar with Amdocs, enhancing their awareness and positive sentiment toward the organization. This means that if Amdocs eventually decided that a candidate in the pool is appropriate, this individual would be much further along in their decision-making process. This of course would dramatically speed up the hiring process. 

So, what other benefits can be gained?  

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: having a well-nurtured talent pool with warm leads strengthens Amdocs’ employer brand, making them more attractive to potential candidates. 
  • Cost Efficiency: a streamlined talent pipeline results in lower costs per hire, and faster hiring decisions, streamlining the recruitment process, and optimizing resource allocation. 
  • Improved Quality of Hire: in-depth candidate understanding allows Amdocs to select the best-suited candidates, leading to top-quality hires. 
  • Engaged Candidates: personalized communication fosters candidate engagement, ensuring genuine interest in an organization while efficiently identifying and advancing potential candidates through the recruitment funnel. 


Our work with Amdocs showcases the true impact of building a highly nurtured, thriving talent pool. We strongly believe that we have developed a strategic blueprint that will guide Amdocs in future recruitment drives, yielding awareness, shorter time-to-hire, cost-efficiency, improved quality of hires, and a pool of genuinely engaged candidates.  

At Xtra Mile, we believe it’s crystal clear that the key to staying ahead in this competitive landscape is by adopting an ‘always on’ proactive attraction strategy, ensuring candidates have an awareness and positive perception of your organization. 

So, are you also ready to unlock the true potential of your talent pool? 

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