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Are we at the beginning of a new era of online interactions? Meta would like us to think so, as it launched Threads, a “text-based conversation app” backed by Instagram that promises to shift how users communicate and connect with a positive, refreshing, and engaging experience. In the short time since its launch, it has quickly become the most downloaded app, as it generated great interest among content creators, influencers, and the public, amassing 100 million signups. 


What is Threads all about? 

On this new platform, users can effortlessly share short messages and engage through likes, shares, and comments while preserving their familiar Instagram usernames and following their favorite accounts from Instagram. 

 Its closest rival is undeniably Twitter, and it’s probably no coincidence that Threads has been launched at a time when Twitter is arguably at its lowest point both in terms of user experience and reputation. 


 So how do the platforms differ? 

Availability: While Twitter is accessible as a website and app, Threads is exclusively an app for iOS and Android, emphasizing its mobile experience. In addition, it is important to note that Threads is currently not available in the EU due to privacy concerns. 

Account sync: Threads seamlessly sync with Instagram, allowing users to log in with their Instagram accounts. Deleting Threads requires deleting the associated Instagram account as well. Similarly, On Threads, followers are derived from Instagram, and blocking someone on one app will also block them on the other app. 

Price and verification: While Twitter offers a verification subscription program called Twitter Blue, providing additional benefits along with verification, Threads transfers verification from Instagram, granting users a blue tick without any extra benefits. 

Multimedia and text limits: Threads allow users to share a larger number of images and videos in a single post compared to Twitter’s four-item limit per tweet. Similarly, Threads imposes a character limit of 500, while Twitter’s limit was 280 characters before the Twitter Blue expansion.  

Feed curation: Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, Threads feed displays posts from the accounts users follow, as well as other accounts that the algorithm believes users will enjoy, similar to Twitter or TikTok 

Other features: Threads lacks the hashtags, links, and searches that have become a staple tool of Twitter, as well as in-app messaging.  



From a B2B marketing perspective, Threads presents several opportunities 

  1. Make communicating with your audience easy: Threads’ success will heavily rely on its capacity to leverage the existing connections that brands possess on various platforms. By allowing users to connect their Instagram accounts, people can discover and follow people they are already connected with on that particular platform. 
  2. Protect brands: Threads offers robust verification similar to Instagram, safeguarding brand identity and integrity. 
  3. Offer better community moderation: Threads has the potential to improve community moderation by reducing negativity and drawing insights from platforms like LinkedIn, prioritizing credible content and user feedback. 
  4. Increase reach and shareability: With rapid growth, Threads holds promise for businesses.  


Despite these advantages, some users find Threads overwhelming due to its fast-paced nature and unchronological feed. The future of Threads and its sustainability in the competitive social media landscape remains to be seen. Moreover, one question that begs to be answered is whether it makes sense to “copy” audiences but change how we communicate. Instagram (IG) is a visually oriented platform, whereas Threads focuses on conversation. So, it’s possible that the audiences may not align perfectly due to the contrasting nature of the platforms. 

There is no doubt that there will be many changes in the future based on the platform’s influencer uptake. Currently, to maintain user engagement and improve brand discoverability, we believe that Threads must develop features like hashtag functionality and content grouping. In addition, it will be interesting to see how long it will take before sponsored content becomes available and necessary to reach people on the platform.  

That being said, we believe that Threads could revolutionize communication in the B2B market, enabling professionals to collaborate effectively. At Xtra-Mile, we’re excited to dive into the world of Threads and explore its possibilities. 

If you’re a B2B company that wants to stay ahead of the curve and secure your brand’s position on Threads before the competition gets too fierce – let’s have a chat and make some waves. 

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