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With over a billion users worldwide, TikTok keeps taking the world by storm. Using music, filters, and other effects, to generate creative short videos, it has far surpassed the child’s play or teenage pop culture often alluded to this platform. From recipes and travel blogs through fan facts and activism, all the way up to promotional material and more, TikTok does it all.

As people try to keep up to date with the ever-growing platform, it is no surprise to see the radical shift in TikTok’s user demographics. The popularity of TikTok has spread to all age groups. Currently, 22.4% of TikTok users are between the ages of 20-29, 53% are between the ages of 30-49, while 11% are over 50. Additionally, the fact that users accessing the app 38-55 times a day, is another proof of its success

TikTok’s success is not just attributed to its accessibility in 75 languages within 155 countries, nor for its steady supply of creativity and inspiration, but rather for its unique algorithm and viral capabilities. Unlike most platforms that show users content based on the people or companies they connect with, TikTok’s algorithm exposes users to content based on the way they interact with other similar content, even if they do not follow the creator. This means that when your audiences watch the entire length of your videos and comment on your content, the algorithm will show your videos to similar audiences. Consequently, content can go viral regardless of the number of followers, likes, or spending.

As TikTok evolves and transforms, we are witnessing the reshaping of marketing as well. TikTok has already proven extremely beneficial for B2C companies, with 67% of users reporting that they were inspired to purchase unplanned goods. Some online shopping websites even introduced a “TikTok made me buy it” section!  But it doesn’t stop there: more and more B2B organizations such as Adobe, Grammarly, Sage Accounting Software, and others are leveraging TikTok’s tools and exposing its dazzling potential. The truth is, with this simple and cheap platform, and its virtually endless supply of leads, you can boost your brand and sales rapidly. All you need to do is start creating effective content.

TikTok videos are expected to speak TikTok: authentic, fun, and spontaneous, in a down-to-earth and almost even amateur tone. Since the videos are less professionally produced and more seemingly authentic, TikTok’s content is revered as more trustworthy than content on any other platform. Its personalized nature, along with its visually engaging features, evokes focus on the content, and inspires sharing. The variety of music from an endless sound library awaits to accompany your videos (Copy rights must be adhered to by organizations), also intending to draw in your crowd. Furthermore, the use of hashtags specific to your area lets you connect with other local professionals and potential leads.

When it comes to reaching different audiences and being widely spread in the ever-changing digital age, nothing compares with TikTok’s enormous popularity and its viral ability to generate millions of views.

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