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While many companies have learned to use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to search for potential employees and prospects, today, a large part of the population doesn’t use those platforms. Many of these people are on Instagram, Snapchat, and especially TikTok.

Today, 44.1% of TikTok users are between the age of 20 and 39. That is where they communicate with friends, find recipes, gather travel recommendations, and even engage with companies who are clever enough to develop their brand there. The truth is, that it’s a great way to reach students, recent graduates, and early career audiences, as well as build brand awareness. However, many employers, particularly in the B2B sector, remain skeptical of TikTok (especially when it comes to employer branding), primarily because it operates differently from the platforms they are familiar with and because they do not fully realize its potential.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. The latest figures indicate that the app was downloaded nearly 3.5 billion times worldwide and penetrated one-third of all social media users worldwide in less than four short years since its official launch in 2016. While it was initially popular among young teenagers, over the years the number of TikTok users over the age of 30 increased by 5.5 times, and many of them are looking for a job.

By creating videos about your company’s unique employee benefits, combined with an announcement that you’re hiring, you can open your company to new audiences daily. With the help of TikTok’s insanely intuitive algorithm, based on hashtags, video content, and sound bites, your videos will reach the audience most likely to interact with them – job seekers. The best part is that TikTok doesn’t require high-end productions, and the algorithm gives companies the same opportunity as other users. Despite the fact that TikTok offers advertisements, most companies just post content the same way regular users do because it is easy to gain a large audience organically. This means that while attracting new talents, you will also raise awareness for your brand and save money on marketing and hiring costs.

Some companies create videos that state directly they are hiring while others make videos explaining the jobs that they need to hire for, and others still make jokes about the work in their company. Whichever route you take, your TikTok strategy will determine how successful you are at achieving your employer branding goals. These tips can help you get started on creating your employer brand with TikTok:


  • Say it right – Make sure your content is tailored to TikTok and speaks the audience’s language. Content should be brief, to the point, and impactful, not commercial and over-produced.
  • Engage your audience – Provide original, fun, and educational videos that highlight employee benefits and company culture to engage commenters and followers.
  • Hook them quickly – The audience on TikTok is impatient. Present an interesting title or question at the beginning of your video, to keep them curious.
  • Be relevant – Trends on TikTok move quickly. In order to be a part of the conversation, you must understand what it is and find a way to make it relevant to your brand as quickly as possible.
  • Commit to the part – You don’t have to do all the trends. Decide what types of trends you are and aren’t willing to participate in and stick to content you feel comfortable making. If you are nervous and trying too hard, the audience will see it and keep scrolling.
  • Spell it out – Captions and subtitles are far more important than you might think. In addition to including the hard of hearing, readble text can engage the people who watch TikTok on mute. Many people will choose to skip videos they cannot watch without volume.
  • Post often – On TikTok there is no such thing as posting too much. The app thrives on content, and the more you post, the more people are likely to see it. Choose someone you trust to manage your TikTok account, so that he or she can work independently to create content quickly and regularly.


TikTok is no longer a platform just for kids, or a thing of the future to be explored at a later date- companies who wish to remain relevant must find ways to use TikTok even if their employer branding and social media presence are already strong. Employers who fail to use every available tool will lose out on talented professionals of all ages. So, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to reconsider using TikTok for your employer branding.

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