Why outsourced marketing?



Today, more and more companies are outsourcing services in many fields and industries, from finance management, through human resources to IT services and consulting. 

Outsourcing is flexible and cost-effective; there’s no argument about that.
The need is very similar in marketing. 

Not every organization can justify or afford an independent marketing department or full-time marketing professionals. 

Furthermore, as marketing becomes more and more specialized and demands broader technological knowledge and expertise, companies require experts in a variety of areas and subjects, be it SEO and digital, content, marketing automation, campaigns and/or lead management.



Cost savings

Retaining a marketing expert from a company that specializes in marketing and marketing management means benefiting from efficient, cost-effective services that ensure less risk, comply with standards and prevent hidden unemployment. 

It also makes the employer-employee relationship redundant.

Professional experience of the highest level

Marketing consultants that provide outsourcing service have field-proven expertise. 

They have reached significant peaks in their career, benefit from the support and mentoring of senior international marketing managers, and share ideas and knowledge with others that benefit their customers.

Many roles, one objective

Outsourced marketing services provide organizations with experts in each and every marketing channel, from Marcom managers, through graphic artists and content writers, to digital-media specialists. 

They all work in concert to provide 360-degree successful service.


Outsourced marketing services obviate the need for superfluous investment. Whether focusing on a single marketing project or on several simultaneously, the work is efficient, professional and, above all, cost effective. 

An outsourcing marketing agency must continuously provide and demonstrate results (which is not always possible to measure with in-house personnel).

Xtra mile provides all the marketing services you and your company need, within the time frame, budget and availability that was agreed upon. 

Our seasoned marketing professionals will integrate into your existing marketing operation (small or big), or will work on their own with the support and coaching of Xtra mile’s internationally recognized senior marketing managers.

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