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Tamar Spector

Tamar Spector

Art Director

Graphic Design

What will you get when you work in our design studio? Plenty. What will you learn while working in our studio? A lot.

If you’re creative, innovative, artistic, inspired, and imaginative, then you’ll feel right at home at our studio and share your ideas with fellow creatives. We guarantee that you’ll have unlimited room for discussions about ideas, and how far you can take your concepts. Many design projects are waiting for you to take charge of, and demonstrate your creative input. What makes the studio department special is that you can always rely on each other in an atmosphere of trust and inclusion according to the company motto, relationship first.

The ’Xtra’ factor of working in our studio: You’ll have at your disposal tools such as Adobe Illustrator, XD, InDesign, Photoshop, and After Effects. You’ll create campaigns and design elements for so many different cultures, from China to the UAE and you’ll have all the tools you need to learn hands-on and harness your creative abilities professionally.

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