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Gerald Fitoussi

Gerald Fitoussi

Head of Marketing Department


Marketing is defined as: The process of planning and executing conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

As a marketing manager at Xtra Mile, you’ll be doing just that and then some, for clients of different worlds: Cyber security, fintech, medical, and more. Prepare to wear many hats!

If working face-to-face with clients is your wish, then we’ll grant it for you! You’ll learn to translate a customer’s business goals into marketing strategies, design his go to market plan, and run external and internal assignments. You’ll create content strategies, plan journeys according to personas, launch new solutions for different markets and much more. Sounds good?

To top it off, you’ll be keeping tabs on the implementation of the projects while continuously working hand in hand with your customers – mainly CEOs, CMOs and Sales – with full transparency.

We know how to work alongside marketing departments on the customer side, as well as act as the client’s marketing manager to all intents and purposes, and all tailored to the exact requirements of the client.

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