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Practice makes perfect

Behind Every Mission

Xtra mile Designs and Implements Employer-Branding Campaign to Engage Employees with Cellebrite's value and Boost Recruitment Rates

From MQL to SQL

Xtra mile Successfully Transforms Lumenis’ Digital Marketing with High-Quality, Mature Leads. Blast the Past and other successful campaigns proved to the largest global energy-based medical devices company that online nurturing and cross-channel methodologies yield high-quality mature leads.

Focused LinkedIn campaigns

ZIMonitor Campaigns in LinkedIn Bring 60% More Qualified Leads at 10% of the Prior Cost. Xtra Mile successfully raised awareness to ZIMonitor - the monitoring system of the largest global container shipper among 1,500 direct targets and several thousands in professional groups.

ABM strategy for MedOne

MedOne Converts Unique Leads into Profitable Large-Scale Engagements Thanks to Xtra Mile’s Marketing Services. Providing services of an entire marketing department, Xtra mile converts lead into contracts to the tune of millions of dollars annually, enabling the next-generation hosting services provider to measure ROI in quality rather than quantity.

Optimizing customer journey

Emerset’s Digital to Physical Journey Effectively Mapped in the US Market. Xtra mile’s understood early on that Emerset’s required to map a digital journey for potential customers. This approach successfully increased the number of leads tenfold in less than two years with prospects that reached the bid stage.

Rimini street – GTM

Xtra mile Helps Rimini Street Establish a Strong Presence in Israel in Less than 9 Months. Rimini Street performed beyond expectations with Xtra mile’s end-to-end digital and marketing solutions that met and exceeded the company’s engagement objectives.

Matrix global’s brand character

Xtra mile Helps Matrix Global Develop Employer Branding in Eastern Europe. In a crowded outsourcing market, Xtra mile effectively managed to appeal to Matrix Global’s target technical employees, increasing recruitment rates and reducing abandonment using a unique approach – a brand character.

Building an Employer Brand In Romania

Xtra mile helps Verint get Employer Branding effort right the first time. Dozens of employees began working at Verint’s Cyber Intelligence Business Unit in Bucharest, Romania, soon after a widespread employer-branding campaign raised local awareness to the global cyber intelligence provider.

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