ABOUT cellebrite

Cellebrite delivers the world’s most advanced digital intelligence solutions, including digital forensics, extraction and analysis. 

With a passion for technology innovation and keeping communities safe, Cellebrite provides law enforcement, military and intelligence, and enterprise customers with the most complete, industry-proven range of digital forensics, extraction, and analytics solutions for investigation teams.


Employer Branding for a Safer Tomorrow

Cellebrite operates in a highly dynamic market, competing against both startups and global companies for talented human capital. 

To be able to attract high-quality employees, Cellebrite had to develop strong messages that talked about the company’s sense of purpose, appeal and advantages as an innovative employer.

After engaging in an in-depth research process to define its Employer Value Proposition (EVP), Cellebrite hired Xtra mile to develop the employer brand, and plan and execute the go-to-market strategy.


The approach Xtra mile took was two-pronged – internal and external.

Starting with the internal communications plan and targeting Cellebrite’s employees, the idea was to make them feel proud of working at the company, highlight its innovations, and praise their own accomplishments. 

This would help them become strong ambassadors of the brand, and promote the company in their social channels, among friends, etc.

The external communications program was developed and implemented by our digital marketing agency developed was meant to reach potential candidates that had not heard about Cellebrite. These campaigns focused on conveying the advantages of working at Cellebrite and the added value the company’s solutions bring to the world at large.


The branding process included developing a strategy for concepts, design and messaging. 

First, Xtra mile developed the EVP into clear messages of why potential candidates would like to work at Cellebrite:

The slogan selected was “Behind every mission”, focusing on the Cellebrite people who are entrusted with the mission of making the world a safer place.

The go-to-market strategy involved planning the roll-out and implementation of the brand across all company activities. 

Xtra mile reviewed all touch points in the employee and candidate experience, starting from the very initial phase when potential candidates become aware of the company
(for example, job fairs and social media). 

They then moved on to the employee life-cycle, mapping internal practices like
on-boarding, well-being activities, learning and development, and internal communications.

The Launch

The main objective of the launch was to expose employees to the brand and engage them with the messages. 

There was a series of photo shoots in four global sites (Israel, the US, Germany and Singapore) to obtain photos of actual employees. 

These pictures were used in new branding collateral that was distributed internally, for example, in posters that decorated the offices. 

Additional communications included designed internal emails, as well as a new careers page on Cellebrite’s website and in the company’s social media pages.


Xtra mile also created a video featuring employees telling the story of what it means working at Cellebrite. 

The clip was sent to all global employees in an email that announced the new talent brand. 

The video was also promoted on social media and exposed to relevant target audiences of potential candidates.

Takeaways and Continued Engagement

The results could not have been more promising:

Going forward, Xtra mile continues to work closely with Cellebrite and its employees to share content and increase engagement in the various digital channels. 

At the same time, a group of company ambassadors gain and provide additional exposure to their own personal brands, positioning themselves and their company as thought leaders.