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Established in 1945, ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd. has grown and developed into one of the largest carriers in the global container shipping industry.

Today, ZIM’s global reach extends to over 120 countries, with a network of global and regional shipping services that operate in hundreds of ports around the world. 

ZIM is committed to providing its clients with reliable, flexible shipping solutions based on its many years of expertise. The company remains at the forefront of the carrier industry by rapidly adapting to commercial developments and emerging markets. 

This approach is an integral part of ZIM’s working philosophy, and drives the expansion of its operations in established East-West trade routes. At the same time, the company pursues the development of its carrier services in the world’s most dynamic and newest markets.


ZIMonitor is an innovative service by ZIM, that allows tracking,
monitoring and controlling valuable cargo from source to destination.
Xtra mile has been working with ZIM as its digital marketing agency for several years. 

Recently, the carrier entrusted Xtra mile with the task of managing the digital strategy for ZIMonitor in all digital outlets and media.

In this particular campaign, which Xtra mile chose to carry out in LinkedIn, the objectives were clear and measurable:


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for microtargeting and peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing, as it provides several major advantages, including the ability to:

Xtra mile implemented its unique methodology to build a funnel that ranged from setting the goals to drawing conclusions, measuring results, and providing reports to the customer on a weekly basis.

The process included:

All these were constantly measured and optimized, and were orchestrated by an Xtra mile account manager that worked in direct contact with ZIM on all tasks.


The LinkedIn campaigns were extremely successful in each one of the objectives defined.

Quick Facts


ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd.


Global container shipping


Targeting and P2P campaign on LinkedIn


  • 48 qualified leads (60% more than the objective)
  • More than 1,500 LinkedIn profiles received personal messages
  • CPL reduced to less than 10% of the previous cost!

We couldnt be more pleased with the results we are obtaining from Xtra miles campaigns.

We have a dedicated account manager that is attuned to our needs and works with us as if they were an in-house employee.

We define the monthly targets together and get detailed reports on performance.

We are seeing significant cost reduction and broader engagement and interest in ZIMonitor, and every campaign is exceeding our expectations.”

Yifat Ginzberg, Global Marketing Manager

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