Spin for Success with DealHub

DealHub's Spinning Success with Xtra Mile's Field Marketing Expertise

DealHub’s Spinning Success with Xtra Mile’s Field Marketing Expertise 



Established as a premier platform for streamlining sales processes, DealHub has emerged as a trusted solution provider in the realm of customer relationship management (CRM). With a core focus on expediting sales workflows and optimizing deal closure, DealHub caters to vendors and integrators operating within the dynamic landscape of HubSpot CRM and Microsoft CRM. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, DealHub empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, drive growth, and foster meaningful connections with clients.  




DealHub’s primary objectives revolved around boosting brand awareness as a relatively new player in the market and generating new, high-quality leads among vendors and integrators. These goals aimed at expanding their customer base and solidifying their position within the industry. 



Xtra Mile devised a cost-effective strategy aimed at leveraging various marketing channels, such as social media, partner marketing activities with Microsoft and HubSpot, digital channels, targeted email marketing, and, as the cherry on top – a tailored offline event centered around a creative concept. This comprehensive approach aimed to meet DealHub’s objectives efficiently. 

Across all endeavors, Xtra Mile aims for a holistic, strategic approach seamlessly integrated into a 360-degree lifecycle marketing plan. When it comes to the plan’s field marketing activities, instead of viewing events as standalone productions, we recognize them as strategic components within a broader vision. 



DealHub decided to take a leading sponsorship plan in the annual “inbound” conference held annually by HubSpot in Boston, attracting an impressive turnout of approximately 11,000 attendees. This conference presented an invaluable opportunity to showcase DealHub’s innovative solutions and position the company as a leading HubSpot partner globally.  

At the heart of our event strategy was “The Wheel of Deal,” embodying the efficiency and luck needed for DealHub’s rapid deal closures. This interactive attraction garnered considerable attention, with attendees eagerly lining up to spin and win prizes, including the charming “DealHug” teddy bear, symbolizing the easy-to-use experience customers have with DealHub as their sales enablement solution and, of course, referencing the DealHub brand name. This creative concept not only elevated DealHub’s brand awareness but also emphasized the importance of a personalized approach, contributing to a memorable experience.  

The resulting buzz around the booth surpassed expectations, drawing increased traffic and engagement, even to those who weren’t physically present. Xtra Mile successfully orchestrated the event, demonstrating agility and expertise in the field. Most importantly, DealHub managed to collect more than 1,000 marketing-qualified leads throughout the conference.  



Following the event, all leads have been integrated into Hubspot for efficient tracking and follow-up. The strategic next steps involve establishing touchpoints with these leads, aiming to nurture them into qualified prospects.  

Together, DealHub and Xtra Mile continue building a growth strategy, upholding the highest standards, and prioritizing the value of personal relationships within a lifecycle marketing vision. 


Explore how Xtra Mile can elevate your brand’s presence and drive results through strategic and comprehensive field marketing initiatives.  

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Client: DealHub  

Industry: Sales Process Automation Platform  

Solution: DealHub partnered with Xtra Mile to enhance brand awareness and generate quality leads among vendors and integrators of HubSpot CRM and Microsoft CRM. Leveraging lifecycle marketing efforts and a personalized approach through creative event strategies, including “The Wheel of Deal” concept and “DealHug,” Xtra mile aimed to create a memorable experience and an overall buzz around DealHub’s offerings to attract potential customers.  

Results: DealHub achieved remarkable success at the event. The interactive booth concept, combined with strategic social media efforts and more, led to increased foot traffic, engagement, and lead generation. Xtra Mile’s expertise highly contributed to DealHub’s recognition as a leader in the industry. 

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