Successful ABM in Voyager Labs

Voyager Labs Take the Leap into Gov. and Law Enforcement ABM with Unparalleled Success

“When I joined Voyager Labs over a year ago, I knew that to hit the marketing targets the company had set we had to move into concrete, quantitative objectives that can only be achieved with digital marketing.

I was looking for a partner that would do it quickly and professionally, bringing an in-depth understanding of the target customers (and how much ‘digital’ they speak) and the different regions we cater for.

I found all of it and more in Xtra Mile. It is a true partner that has an amazing pool of professionals that know marketing and certainly know digital. They are not your typical vendor that provides a service in exchange for a retainer.

They are dedicated, result-driven, and they walked us through the entire process, taught us a great deal, built our infrastructure from the ground up, the flow of the processes, and created campaigns that showed results.”

Rachel Pekin, VP Marketing


Voyager Labs is a world leader in AI-based Investigation solutions. It empowers organizations worldwide to gain deep investigative insights, easily analyze massive amounts of complex, unstructured data, and understand content, human interactions, and connections.

The company’s award-winning, cutting-edge technology leverages open, deep, and dark web data, as well as the organization’s own data, enabling investigators and analysts to acquire actionable, previously unattainable insights in near real-time.


Despite Voyager Lab’s innovative solutions, the company’s marketing strategy was very traditional (conferences, exhibitions, face-to-face meetings, print), with limited digital visibility. They believed that their target audiences (law-enforcement, homeland security, government agencies) do not have a strong digital presence and would not turn to digital channels with their needs for situational awareness, intelligence assessments, safety, and security solutions.

Prompted by a shift in approach that was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Voyager Labs decided to invest in digital marketing. After two‑month due diligence with several global digital agencies, they selected Xtra Mile, a B2B, global lifecycle-marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience working with the high-tech, medical and technology industries in Israel, Europe, APAC, and the United States.


From day one, it was clear that Voyager Labs wanted to learn digital in-depth, understand its pros and cons, and become fully conversant with the digital lingo. They wanted to do engage in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), one of the most challenging forms of digital marketing today.

Together, Voyager Labs and Xtra Mile managed to crack the code. Instead of a service provider/customer relationship, the companies developed a dialog and partnership, defining together the strategy and translating it into clear, measurable digital objectives.


The companies decided that the first campaigns would focus on law enforcement agencies, army forces, and government departments.

Xtra Mile conducted multiprong research of the target audience. Who are the relevant personas? Where do they work? What are the characteristics of the organizations where they operate? What kind of content do they consume? Where do they go to find that content? Which are the digital channels they use?

Once these were defined, the companies decided together on the best channels to target and engage with them. The go-to-market strategy would first focus on awareness followed lead generation.


This was only the first leg in the new digital journey for Voyager Labs. Going into the future, the company is planning to increase its investment in digital marketing, including new engines, more channels, more remarketing, and more ABM among clearly defined target audiences and geographies.

Together, Voyager Labs and Xtra Mile continue building the growth strategy, with the highest level of professionalism and optimum execution. 

Quick Facts


Voyager Labs


AI-Driven Human Relationship Analysis


Online nurturing, digital campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Search, and GDN
to raise awareness to and conversion rates for the Lumenis product range, including new line products for the medical market.


Today, Voyager Labs has a transparent and coherent view of how much their marketing efforts contribute to sales, product acceleration, and bottom line.

Thanks to Xtra Mile’s ability to understand the business and translate it into a clear digital ABM strategy, the company achieved outstanding results in only seven months:

  • Optimum identification of the target audiences for successful ABM
  • Annual distribution of new leads – 44%
  • 100% of marketing leads came from digital campaigns
  • 20% of new pipeline opportunities in 2020 came from pure digital sources vs. 17% in the benchmark.

“I could not be more pleased with our performance, and I truly believe this is going to be a long-term relationship for both companies.”

Rachel Pekin, VP Marketing

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