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Maximizing Market potential

Today, Xtra mile provides end-to-end digital and marketing solutions that
achieve Rimini Street’s objectives year over year.


Rimini Street is the global leader in providing independent enterprise software support services. 

The company has redefined enterprise support services since 2005 with an innovative, award winning program that enables Oracle and SAP licensees to save up to 90% on total support costs. 

Clients can remain on their current software release without any required upgrades for 15 years. 

Nearly 1,500 global, fortune 500, midmarket, and public sector organizations from a broad range of industries have selected Rimini Street as their trusted, independent support provider.



Having realized the potential for their services in the Israeli market, Rimini Street opened their local offices at the beginning of 2015. 

As soon as Rimini Street based its position with several key deals, the international company began looking for a local marketing agency to take over their local marketing efforts. 

Finding an agency to provide all marketing services under one roof is a tricky business, as agencies tend to focus on specific areas, such as public relations, Marcom or conference organization, to name just a few. 

Acting on the recommendation of local firms, Rimini Street
approached Xtra mile with a one-off project that led to a successful long-term relationship.


When Tom Bianchi, Rimini Street’s Director of Marketing, EMEA, landed on Xtra mile’s website,
he immediately understood that it was not just another agency but a full-blown, one-stop-shop business. 

The initial responsiveness of Xtra mile was excellent, which was an indication of things to come. 

Xtra mile were entrusted with all of Rimini Street’s marketing activities in Israel (digital campaigns, content preparation, organization of events and more), and activities began soon after.


Rimini Street and Xtra mile work on quarterly plans with clear objectives, tasks, budget and metrics. 

The Rimini Street account has a dedicated Xtra Mile Marketing

Manager who, together with the team, ensure that Rimini Street’s local and corporate objectives are always met. 

The teams conduct weekly meetings to review progress, discuss critical items, and align expectations. 

Geography is not an obstacle and communications flow back and forth as needed. 

In fact, the Xtra mile team work as if they were an integral part of the Rimini EMEA marketing operation.


Rimini Street’s growth in Israel has been off the charts. 

With more local clients, a strong revenue base and wide exposure,
the market’s potential has far exceeded expectations. 

The engagement with Xtra mile has proven extremely instrumental in Rimini street’s success in Israel. 

While in 2015 their objectives were more tactical and execution based as the company wanted to establish a strong presence in Israel, 2016 has so far been all about engagement goals – more leads, more exposure, more prospects. 

So far, Xtra mile have been performing at 200%, far exceeding the objectives.


Responsiveness – from day one, understanding, quick response time and optimum task management have been pivotal in Xtra mile’s services for Rimini Street. 

Excellent responsiveness drives the results that are in line with Rimini Street’s objectives.

All-in-one service agency – Xtra mile is a true one stop shop for
all Rimini Street’s marketing needs in Israel. 

Moreover, similar business models between the companies make sure that all points of contact are always aligned.

Marketing expertise – Xtra mile puts at the disposal of Rimini Street years of experience in the local market, best practices and in-depth understanding of the software sector.

Quick Facts


Rimini Street


Software support services


Marketing services in Israel


  • Established local presence and awareness in record time of less than 9 months
  • More than 30 active local customers and growing
  • Increased total engagement by more than 250%

“Sometimes, companies are apprehensive about working with an agency instead of with an internal employee.

They feel they wont have control over what the agency is doing or fear the agency will only do some of the tasks, or that it wont be loyal.

I am very pleased to say that this is not the case with Xtra mile.
The relationship between our teams have been excellent and the results speak for themselves.”

Tom Bianchi, Director of Marketing, EMEA

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