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Practice makes perfect

Maccabi HMO – A Mission that Starts with People

ABOUT Maccabi Maccabi Healthcare Services, the second largest health services provider (HMO) in Israel, is recognized by the public for its innovative medical services, excellent medical treatment, a highly professional team of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals, efficient administration staff, and  more. But not many are aware of the strong sense of belonging and pride that […]

Behind Every Mission

Xtra mile Designs and Implements Employer-Branding Campaign to Engage Employees with Cellebrite's value and Boost Recruitment Rates

Matrix global’s brand character

Xtra mile Helps Matrix Global Develop Employer Branding in Eastern Europe. In a crowded outsourcing market, Xtra mile effectively managed to appeal to Matrix Global’s target technical employees, increasing recruitment rates and reducing abandonment using a unique approach – a brand character.

Building an Employer Brand In Romania

Xtra mile helps Verint get Employer Branding effort right the first time. Dozens of employees began working at Verint’s Cyber Intelligence Business Unit in Bucharest, Romania, soon after a widespread employer-branding campaign raised local awareness to the global cyber intelligence provider.

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