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How to become a videoconference Rockstar

The Coronavirus and resulting global crisis have completely changed the way we work and live.

I See Your True Colors – Remote Employer Branding

In recent weeks, we have been witnessing impressive preparations by companies to cope with the new COVID-19 reality: remote working in quarantine surrounded by family

An engaging employee experience shapes a killer employer brand

A killer employer brand, whether communicated internally to employees or externally to potential employees, is one that reflects the authentic experience employees have with the company as an employer.

Know your enemy – How to spy on your competitions paid ads

The more we know about our competition allows us to better market our services and products, differentiate our brand from others, and focus on what’s profitable and valuable for our business.
What Google's latest announcement means for B2B marketers

Beware the Cookie Monster: What Google’s latest privacy announcement means for B2B marketers

Google announced its plans to phase out support for 3rd party cookies in Chrome by 2022. What steps should B2B marketers take now?

Hashtag holidays? What’s in it for you?

Sprout Social has recently released a calendar of hashtag holidays for 2020 that will help you increase engagement.

To CSR or not to CSR? Is this really a question?

CSR means strengthening ties between the organization and the community, the environment, and the market segment where it operates

4 Tips for Creating a Killer Facebook Video Ad

Facebook video ads are some of the most effective advertising formats to keep your audience’s attention by showing your brand’s personality while connecting emotionally.

6 Ways to Spot your Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors help promote the company’s brand utilizing their own personal and professional networks. The best ambassadors are employees – they know the company and its products, its unique selling points, and they know what makes the company a great place to work for.

We have made Clutch’s list!

Clutch has recently announced new research on the 2019 top-rated B2B firms in Asia and the Middle East and we have made the list!

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