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Impact Marketing – A Brand with a Purpose

In today’s highly transformative business environment, creating value for shareholders has a variety of colors. The new leadership talks about having an impact – on customers, prospects, employees, stakeholders, the environment, society at large. Here at Xtra Mile, we call it having purpose.

We understand that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in today’s world is a ‘must have’ for companies to create strong long-lasting brands and enhance value for all stakeholders. Despite the buzz, however, not many companies really know how to approach CSR. They are not always aware of the true purpose of CSR or how to go about defining its goals. This is where Xtra Mile comes in – we help companies define their social commitments, priorities and objectives.

Why is CSR important?

Committing to corporate responsibility and sustainability enables companies to achieve long-term value for the business as well as for internal and external stakeholders.

Xtra Mile HELPS YOU GIVE your CSR purpose

At Xtra Mile, we help companies develop and manifest a vision for social impact; we provide the tools to bring that CSR vision to life through cultural change, internal communications, marketing solutions and public engagement.

To evolve the business model to incorporate CSR and sustainable development, companies must first define their CSR needs and priorities. This is followed by developing the CSR strategy and formulating the short and long-term CSR programs. Execution should be geared towards quick wins while at the same time working towards achieving long-term objectives.

Measurement, Monitoring and Reporting

CSR Assessment

download - CSR Marketing Brands with Purpose

CSR Strategy and Programs

download - CSR Marketing Brands with Purpose

Tactical Execution

Quick wins and Preparation for Long-Term Successes

How is it Done?

We like to call this process ‘Finding the North Star’

We draw the map towards your North Star by identifying the CSR priorities you should be focusing on. We help you establish a dialog with your internal and external stakeholders, conduct one-on-one interviews and surveys and engage focus groups.
All these are designed to understand the needs and expectations of employees, managers, partners and customers At the same time, we study the landscape and your competition. At the end of this purpose-driven phase, we provide you with insights on where your CSR efforts should be invested.
Once we have identified where your CSR efforts should go to, we develop the strategy, which includes:
  • Mapping key challenges and opportunities based on the selected material topics
  • Developing and aligning the CSR manifesto and messaging to the agreed dimensions
  • Designing a go-to-market plan and creative concepts for quick wins
  • Formulating the long-term program
The resulting communication strategy, creative concept, design language and messaging are all put to work in the execution phase.

In the execution phase, we use all the tools at our disposal and our may years of field-proven experience to market the CSR strategy.

These include, among others, creating the right content for the right target audience, using digital and physical channels to convey a company’s social responsibility, and working with partners, influencers and though leaders to communicate and spread the message.

These CSR activities are carefully measured and monitored with the necessary management and measurement tools to ensure the plan is on track and achieves the defined objectives.

Our CSR marketing solutions help companies communicate their value, diversity and differentiation. As the world changes, we find your CSR North Star and map the best purpose and destination for your success and social impact.

At Xtra Mile we go above and beyond to make your product and service stand out

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