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Xtra Mile is the expert digital marketing agency for B2B companies in the IT, software, hi-tech and life-sciences sectors.

None of these is easy on its own. It’s even more difficult to combine the three. Fueled by our intimate knowledge of the digital landscape, our track-record with B2B companies and recognition by the industry, we have perfected this interaction into a science.

We build and power up our customers’ brands and market presence, transform their business, and earn them tangible results.

Why Us?

Tangible Results

What we do?

Well, we do digital marketing, for B2B technology companies. We put our marketing knowledge at work to attract, entice and capture real customers in the real world.

We use digital channels to reach them, nurture them and then convert them into buyers that have physical interactions with your company. And we do all this for technology companies because it’s what we’re good at. We engage in marketing automation, performance-based campaigns, remarketing, CPC, SEO, RTB, geolocation; we buy media, do programmatic marketing and much, much more.

We cut, slice and segment your target audiences. We use platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo Gimini, and others, as well as programmatic tools that we know will bring results. We measure your digital performance and make changes as soon as needed. Or in other words – we help you develop your digital strategy and presence and execute it for you.

Or in other words – we help you develop your digital strategy and presence and execute it for you.


Marketing Automation
We put marketing automation technology to work for you, not only generating leads but making it the core of your customer engagement and prospect-nurturing lifecycle: Marketo, HubSpot, Outbrain, Taboola, DoubleClick, Moz, Lead Forensics, Google Analytics, Tag Manager
Content Funnel
For Xtra mile, it’s the right content, for the right channel, for the right persona, at the right time in the funnel. Our content speaks the language of B2B and technology. It speaks the language of the people who read it: finance, IT, procurement or consumers. Good content speaks the business language of the target audience and serves its specific purpose in the journey
Social Media and P2P Campaigns
In line with our credo, our social and P2P campaigns are also aimed at the specific target audience we want to attract in a particular campaign. We connect people to people; after all, the decision to purchase a solution or service is made by people. We take the time to listen, share and ask questions. We personalize digital marketing to facilitate the transition from the digital to the physical.
Microtargeted Lead Generation
We micro-target prospects via Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other channels. We identify the specific profiles and people you want to engage. Then plan multiple touchpoint campaigns to connect to them specifically, in the real world. We use IP targeting, geolocation, P2P technologies, and other tools to generate qualified leads from a specific list of ‘real people’ with the precise profile we initially defined.
We use programmatic to super target your specific audience wherever it is to ensure that they meet your brand in all touchpoints. We use programmatic advertising to gain more visibility, boost efficiency and substantially improve your targeting. We enforce targeted programmatic rules in a multilevel structure to expose your brand and CTA to the right audience at all times.
Search Campaigns
We design search campaigns in Google, Bing, and other suitable engines. We use native-ad platforms like Yahoo Gemini to generate traffic to your website and start the digital funnel. We also do remarketing, geolocation-based campaigns, SEO, PPC, GDN, and P2P with links to microtargeting. All these activities are coherently initiated in order to generate a robust flow of potential prospects to our digital marketing initiatives the precise profile we initially defined.
The journey of your digital-marketing strategies
starts with Xtra mile

Each journey is designed according to specific user personas and business case. 

We create the personas, map each journey, and write the right content and the right campaign strategy
for each channel. Then we launch and begin measuring.

None of these are of any value if we don’t show you that the campaign is bringing you more customers.
So we measure each step in the process and slice and dice the data to give you any KPI.


Step 1

Buyer persona assessment

We are fully aware of the fact that multiple stakeholders are involved in B2B purchasing decisions. 

They face different challenges, have different needs and agendas, and you have to cover them all. 

We study your potential customers and build the right set of personas that will have an effect on and be part of the decision-making process in the target organizations.

Step 2

Customer journey mapping

The B2B customer journey is multidimensional. We help you understand the business events that need nurturing, the challenges of each stakeholder, the mutual relationships between them. 

Is your potential customer a CFO interested in saving costs? Or is it a compliance officer and you want to tell them how your solution helps them comply with the new regulation?

We understand each compelling event and map a journey that will educate each persona with the knowledge they need to make their decision and solve their specific problem.

Step 3

Channel mapping and selection

B2B marketing for technology companies requires careful mapping of the channels that take potential customers through the different stages of a funnel –awareness, preliminary contact via digital channels, and then a physical, face-to-face interaction. 

We may increase awareness through native ads that are not too intrusive, then do remarking of digital assets that invite targets to participate in a webinar, and only then invite them to a round table.

Step 4

Content program

Content is perhaps the hardest of the tasks in digital marketing for B2B, as it is much more than just finding the right digital channel for the right message. 

We know that creating content each stage in the process and for each role is virtually a mission impossible for most organizations. 

Therefore, we use a content-management methodology that enables experts to share their knowledge with us with minimum hassle and imposition. 

We then divide the content program into stages, and different Xtra mile professionals structurally create assets according to the stage and target persona.

Step 5

Campaign strategy and tactics

After analyzing the buyer personas, mapping a journey for each, evaluating the optimum channels and writing the content, Xtra mile’s Digital Managers build the overall plan for execution. 

Since we’re not only a digital agency but a B2B marketing agency, we create campaigns that are aligned with our customers’ marketing strategies. 

Our digital Marcom professionals then validate the program and create a coherent plan that includes both the digital and marketing components agreed upon.

Step 6

Measurement & optimization

In B2B, each company measures results differently. With our field-proven methodology, each target persona is exposed to different campaigns that run in parallel. 

So our measurement and reporting (and then optimization) are based on the technological tools used for a particular target segment. 

Reports are customized according to that business persona and none other.
We then consolidate all measurements into a 360-degree view that we present to our customers on a regular basis so that they can measure our performance.

At Xtra Mile we go above and beyond to make your product and service stand out

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