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In recent years, employer branding has become one of the employer’s key resources for successful recruitment. 

Attracting (and retaining) talent is a difficult task – professionals are looking to better their conditions, but also to
strike a balance between work and life, grow individually and professionally, advance their career,
and work in a pleasant environment.

Attuned to these trends in today’s transformative market and as the Israeli Country Partner of Employer Brand International, Xtra mile developed a specialization around employer branding and internal communications. 

We work closely with businesses to create an employer-branding strategy, a unique value proposition, build the right message to differentiate them in the market, and deliver it in a way that will help companies hire top talent, and fast.

WHY choose Xtra Mile for your Employer Branding efforts?

As a leading marketing agency in the high-tech and technology industries, we are best positioned to help you with your recruitment marketing needs. 

We have been working with companies of all sizes for many years to enhance and improve their human capital and grow the talent pool they are exposed to. 

We know the industry, the jargon, and developed top methodologies to achieve employment goals.

What makes us employer branding experts?

As experts in B2B and digital, we show our customers how to ‘reinvent’ themselves and become organizations that employees want to work with. 

We bring to the table a track-record of over 10 years in marketing, and a team of top professionals in each area of service, including human resources and recruitment.


Client 001 - Employer Branding

Among our Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Customers:

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elad 1 - Employer Branding
macabi 1 - Employer Branding
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Artboard 2 copy 22 - Employer Branding
- Employer Branding
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Artboard 2 copy 5 1 - Employer Branding

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HOW can we enhance and improve Employer Branding?

Research and Discovery
We analyze your work environment, your business, your competitors, the perception of your company in the eyes of current and potential employees and its unique value proposition (USP). This discovery process includes meetings with current, former and potential employees, human resources team members, management and recruitment agencies to obtain as much information as possible from all perspectives.
We create a high-level strategy for the employer-branding campaign that embodies the understanding of what would motivate potential employees to work at your company. We formulate the Employer-Branding Proposition (EVP) and define your unique employer-branding assets. We then create, present and validate your business personas (potential employees divided into categories), and how best to connect, engage and influence them. We also define a mission, a slogan or tagline, presenting what your company stands for.
Xtra Mile experts create the concept and creative guidelines for your company’s employer branding, including campaigns’ guidelines, calls to action for each persona, and graphic cues. We also use this stage to create the journeys for potential employees, decide on the marketing channels for each journey, create the content, and define the marketing elements that will be used for each channel and targets.
Campaign launch and delivery
Based on the work in previous stages, we go to market with clearly defined campaigns that are sure to maximize results. Campaigns may include all relevant channels in the target market- physical, digital and social.
Each activity – from internal communications to recruitment, marketing and higher-level employer-branding campaigns – are closely monitored with predefined measurements and KPIs. Has a campaign reached the defined exposure to the relevant talent pool? Are your posts and ads engaging enough current employees? How many resumes did your company receive as a result of campaign? Have all these activities managed to strengthen retention rates? All these give us the KPIs needed for ongoing optimization and improvement in subsequent employer-branding efforts.

WHAT tools do we use?

Your own company’s social channels, blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn pages are ideal tools to get people to apply to jobs directly. In the digital era, creating a digital relationship with potential employees is quite easy. We add to that our expertise, maximizing the potential of each channel, so they bring you the results you need in the shortest possible time. We also work with partners like HubSpot, Social Sprout to help in the recruitment process and to reinforce the relationship with existing employees.

Employer Branding - A Business Necessity

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