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From boosting brand visibility to generating leads, fostering relationships, and expanding into new markets, Field Marketing ensures a comprehensive strategy for reaching your company’s goals. It can position your business as an industry leader, enhance customer retention, and create a competitive edge through strategic partnerships.

In today’s business landscape, personal connections are more valuable than ever, despite the prevailing notion that the digital age would replace physical events. Encompassing owned events, intimate gatherings, sponsorships, conferences, joint events, partnerships, and Physical ABM campaigns, Field Marketing is not just a realm in which we keep pace; at Xtra mile we are unwaveringly committed to leading the way.

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Why Xtra mile for B2B Field Marketing?

First and foremost, our commitment is rooted in a comprehensive, strategic approach seamlessly integrated into a 360-degree lifecycle marketing plan. We dedicate ourselves to crafting experiences that resonate, forging valuable connections, and above all – ensuring your business stands out in the fiercely competitive B2B landscape.

At Xtra Mile, we don’t view events as mere productions; we are your partners invested in your success. Our events are strategic components within a broader marketing plan, striking a delicate balance between avoiding excessive commercialization and ensuring meaningful contributions to progress.

Global Footprint

Joining forces with the global media group ISMG and acquiring QG Media, a global leader in enterprise technology conferences and exhibitions, reflects our commitment to expanding your physical global presence even further. This allows us to provide our clients with a front-row seat to events and expos across the US, EU and beyond, backed by the expertise of seasoned professionals in field marketing on a global scale.

Our Approach: Beyond a Field Day

With us, every event is an integral part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, supported by digital campaigns, social media efforts, P2P initiatives, and more, which converge into a dynamic force. As your partners, we ensure our lifecycle efforts not only yield valuable, lasting results, but also actively cater to the entire customer journey. We’re committed to ensuring potential customers successfully connect with your business –  prior to, during, and following the event.


Creating Memorable Experiences

Every event holds a unique story, waiting to unfold. Our strategy includes a well-crafted creative angle meticulously aligned with your business’ offerings, infusing an emotional connection to elevate these events beyond ordinary business gatherings.

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