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Path 454 - Managed Glassdoor Pages

Have you met your Glassdoor?

Companies can no longer afford to neglect their Glassdoor profile. The exceptional platform with enormous traffic, where anyone (current, former, potential employees, etc.) can anonymously write up a review or evaluate companies (their culture, salaries, recruitment cycle, etc.), has spurred many enterprises to face-lift their company page on Glassdoor. The credible, transparent scores, marked by real people, have a profound impact on the job market

By using Xtra-mile’s Glassdoor service and guidance, companies can effectively manage their corporate power and stand out from the rest. competition and the marathon to become a more attractive workplace is on!

Path 454 - Managed Glassdoor Pages

Polish your reflection on Glassdoor

Plan your Glassdoor page strategy with Xtra-mile and improve your employer brand. Boost your Glassdoor page’s rankings as well as encourage stars, alumni, and even potential employees to write positive reviews, and when necessary, counterbalance negative ones.

Our services include:

Discovery phase
  • Mapping out existing employer branding assets
  • Analyzing & planning the main employer branding messages, company structure, talent acquisition needs, brand guidelines, & charting key stakeholders
  • Building the individual Glassdoor strategy recommendation using (& defining if necessary) the company’s tone of voice, content strategy, advertising strategy, employee advocacy strategy, etc.
Discovery phase
Setup phase
  • Setting up the best suggested program, according to the company’s individual analytics and status, with Glassdoor sales
  • Following the purchase of the precise Glassdoor plan
  • Setting up the company’s page, as well as crafting its content while highlighting the company’s assets
  • Promoting the company and its job openings vigorously
Setup phase
Ongoing management
  • Managing the ongoing content per page on the account, along with the employees’ advocacy
  • Monitoring & managing spontaneous sentiments and reviews
  • Guiding your company how to nurture, develop, and harness reviews to your advantage
  • Generating ongoing and forever changing plans
  • Analyzing Glassdoor reports & analytics periodically to guide you towards success
Ongoing management

Take the bull by its horns

Glassdoor, which is used by millions to compare company cultures, salaries, promotions, management, etc. should be part of your employer branding strategies. Xtra-Mile will gladly help map out the best strategies to leverage your reputation as an employer, reap happier employees, and ultimately affect your positioning, stature, and talent pipeline.

Leverage your Glassdoor page to reflect all you can be & get an Xtra-mile ahead of the competition >>

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