Google Analytics 4 is coming.
Are you ready?

Google Analytics has long been the gold standard when it comes to measuring, mapping, and tracking user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO). Now it’s going away. Let’s help you replace it with the next great thing!

What is Google Analytics 4? (and why you need it)

Analytics gives you vital insights into how users interact with your site to help grow your business, tracking ROI from all your web assets.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is more than just an update from the current Google Analytics – it’s a total overhaul of the infrastructure driving the analytics engine that businesses like yours rely on.

What’s changing?

Let’s take a look at some key differences:

GA4 Comparison table - Google Analytics 4 is coming. Are you ready?

Change doesn’t have to be hard

If you don’t transition in time, your old methods of collecting data will stop working, and you’ll need to scramble to upgrade. Plus, older data won’t be compatible with the new tools found in Google Analytics 4. But that’s not the only reason to start the journey now!

Migrating to GA4 sooner lets you enjoy its expanded and rich feature set before the competition. Xtra Mile’s user journey and analytics pros are already up to speed on GA4. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and help you plan the right migration for your business.

Don’t fall for these 3 big myths about Google Analytics 4

There’s so much confusion and misinformation out there about Universal Analytics and the migration to Google Analytics 4. But the truth is simple. GA4 is better for your business because it gives you more of the data you need, when you need it: in real time.

Xtra Mile helps you navigate past the confusion, getting you up to speed quickly and easily on everything you need to do to take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of Google Analytics

Myth #1

“Analytics will update automatically when it’s time.”

Not true.

The deadline is very real, even if Google has extended it to 2024 for enterprise customers. If you do nothing, you’ll lose months of data and insights. And for the last minute will leave your team stressed and scrambling. Xtra Mile will help you migrate in parallel: phase out Universal Analytics as you enjoy the benefits of GA4 today and tomorrow.

Myth #2

“My team will figure it out.”

Probably not.

Google Analytics 4 demands a totally different skill set to handle its new data model and integrations. Your teams are already stretched to the limit. New hires are expensive, while training existing personnel diverts them from essential tasks. Partnering with Xtra Mile takes the weight off your team’s shoulders.

Myth #3

“The conversion will be simple.”

Not necessarily.

Migration to Google Analytics 4 isn’t just about mapping your current sites over to GA4. If you’re not taking advantage of GA4’s powerful new features and capabilities, you’ll miss out on the biggest gains. Trust Xtra Mile’s pros to hear your goals and strategies and create an analytics and GA4 migration roadmap to drive your business’s digital future.

Trust Xtra Mile to go the distance

Group 1 - Google Analytics 4 is coming. Are you ready?
Layer 2 - Google Analytics 4 is coming. Are you ready?

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