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Employee Communities as a source of Power

About CyberArk

CyberArk is a global leader and the #1 vendor in Identity Security & privileged access management. It is a well-established company, founded in 1999, and obtains over 6,900 customers across 90 countries. Their tech solutions secure assets for over 50% of the 'Fortune 500'. CyberArk employs over 1,900 people worldwide, 700 of them are employed in Israel. As a company that encourages self-expression, personal branding, education and development, CyberArk Israel is ranked 5th in BdiCode’s 2021 list of “Best Companies to Work for” in Israel.

The challenge

As in any high-tech company, CyberArk faces the immense competition over employees, especially software engineers and developers. Their HR department recognized the necessity of implementing Employer Branding strategies globally and locally, comprised of updating corporate communication channels internally and externally, creating new recruitment procedures, onboarding processes, and more.

Cyberark understood that the way they turn to new candidates needs to be modified while embracing their current employees. So, they commenced the Employer Branding process setting the goal, at first, to raise awareness and position CyberArk as a desired employer.

Along with Xtra-Mile, the lifecycle marketing and employer branding agency, CyberArk began a comprehensive process that included understanding the company's perception by existing employees and CyberArk's competitive environment analysis. The derived insights and key strengths have been translated into clear marketing messages to be communicated with-in and outside the company. Formulating the values ​​of the organization as an employer and the refining the organizational EVP, reflected the central value proposition of CyberArk as an employer.

As part of the creative reckoning and considering the observation that the company allows its employees to achieve exceptional successes both on a personal and on a professional level, the slogan leading the Employer Branding activity in the company was coined: "The     Best Version of You." The brand was launched internally in December 2019 introducing the employees to the new language and attracting them to join. In the second phase, in February 2020, CyberArk aimed at potential employees in various channels, such as social media, digital and more.

The move baring the most significant and clear results at the time was the Webinar series: "Reaching the clouds" in the summer of 2020. The webinar series, which was promoted as a sponsored digital campaign, exposed CyberArk and increased awareness while gathering relevant leads for the talent pool and positioning the company as a pioneer of the technological front.

Ambassadors, start your engines

Employer Branding heavily relies on getting the company's narrative out through the stories and experiences of the employees. The ambassador program is a win-win for both sides. The company gains awareness while positioning it as a coveted employer, and employees receive exposure, internal and external recognition, and a forum allowing them to express themselves while improving their communication skills and acquire tools within the program.

Therefore, the CyberArk ambassadors' program was initiated as part of the Employer Branding process. Guided by Xtra Mile's community manager & content professionals, the ambassadors produce content and promote it on various channels.

Being conducted by a community manager, sharing content on the designated WhatsApp group, and being a part of a diverse program with monthly and quarterly group meetings as well as 1-on-1 meetings adding to their personal branding and empowerment, compiles them into a community and brings the ambassadors' group to keep acting.

Meet the CAST  

In March 2021, to enhance the community activity, , a new strategy for the ambassadors' program was launched along with new KPIs (key performance indicators) to leverage the success of the community. A new style and language were defined in line with CyberArk's Employer Brand, its messages, logo, and ideas.  A new brand dedicated to the ambassador group was established – "CAST" (CyberArk Ambassador Team). The CAST members expanded to include a more diverse membership representing a wider range of people from within the company and  The group of ambassadors created a new schedule of upcoming activities , and , introduced them to the company by a substantial and festive launch event.

5 key elements at the centre of the community's success:

  1. Transforming the ambassadors ‘group’ to a ‘community’ and assigning an internal, dedicated community leader, to form and provide more personalized guidance.
  2. Monthly organized in-person community meetings. (Particularly in this pandemic-era of social distancing and a hybrid workforce)
  3. One-on-one meetings with the ambassadors guiding them in creating social-media content that is customized based on their own personal interests
  4. Created content that considers the individual needs of the ambassadors
  5. Streamline the ambassadors’ activities and content while uploading frequently to the company's communication channels. (Internal and external)

Offering the community platforms to communicate through and placing them ‘front and centre’, the program provides added value beyond promotion, salary, and the day-to-day work. Through the personal stories of the ambassadors, the story of the company is conveyed and thus enhances their connection with the company and its goals while their self-worth level rises. Members enjoy an added value that goes beyond promotion, salary, and day-to-day work.

The Success of the Cyberark Ambassadors Community in Numbers, 2021:

  • 18 ambassadors have shared more than 200 CyberArk-related posts in their personal social media.
  • 9 ambassadors have participated in blogging courses, 3 ambassadors have presented webinars and five ambassadors have represented the company atconferences and lectures.
  • A newsletter comprised entirely of ambassador-created content was launched.
  • In 2021, there was a 73% increase in recruitment compared to 2020 and a 110% increase compared to 2019.
  • The latest referral campaign (in May 2021), launched by the ambassadors, yielded 182 relevant resumes which is about 30% of the resumes received per year.

And Most excitingly activity in 2021 was well felt throughout the company, there has been an increased demand from workers to join the program!

The ambassadorial community continues to tell the story of CyberArk and the success is persuasive. The possibility of becoming the voice of the company achieves a dual purpose. On the one hand the ambassadors help promote the company's message within the company, and on the other hand they advertise the company's narrative to the outside world. The ambassadors' published content includes both professional and social material, making them extremely effective in recruitment efforts and employee connectedness. The ambassadorial community receives exposure (all together and as individuals) and ongoing recognition from the company while continuing to grow and intensify.

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