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Dashboards, Integration and Beyond

Are you getting the maximum value out of your HubSpot? With support from Xtra mile’s Platinum Certified Partner B2B experts, you can win more deals, save more time, hit more KPIs, and grow your revenue, even more.
Whether you need help on a specific project, service, or ongoing support – we’re here for you.

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Our HUBSPOT Services:

HubSpot Assesment

Building reports and dashboards

Data-based results drive growth.

We’ll help you take your data from HubSpot a step further, producing reports that work for you and dashboards that make it easy to see the big picture and manage the entire information related to the different lead cycles.

ABM strategy - HubSpot Services

Implementing the Account-Based Marketing strategy

We specialize in the world of B2B.
As a result, we know how to help you maximize the utilization of HubSpot’s ABM module.

We’ll set up lists, create the right targeting plan, and use HubSpot’s features to tie all the data together so you can run campaigns in each channel and optimize results according to the ABM parameters at any given time.

Salesforce HubSpot Integration

In-depth integration of HubSpot-Salesforce

We know that handling this integration is no small headache…

We’ll examine the integration rules, map all the fields and workflows. Next, we’ll prepare a work plan tailored to your customer journey. We have experience in communicating well with SFDC partners and know what to ask for, in order to give you a really effective solution.

HubSpot Consulting

Segmentation Project

We will set up the exact property fields for your business needs and enhance your activity with knowledge about what works and what does not while looking a step ahead to your future use of automation.

ZOOM webinar Integrations - HubSpot Services

ZOOM webinar Integrations

We know how to connect your webinar arrays to HubSpot.

We will guide you on the best way to create flows: from the registration form, thank you an email, creating a confirmation system (if necessary before), lists and reports, All through HubSpot.

Reporting and Measurement Setup

ADs Integration

We will implement the integration process and walk you through data that comes from the different advertising channels on your social networks.

We will also guide you on how to set up ads directly through HubSpot if required.

Marketing Automation Optimization

Automation Optimization

Automation is at the heart of HubSpot. We will help you maximize the use of automation both inside and outside the company.

Together, we will review what already exists and build new automation, that will save you time and make your lead generation more developed and rewarding.

scoring plan - HubSpot Services

Scoring plan

Together with you, we will build a plan to score all leads and contacts, based on actions and characteristics, tailored to your business needs, that will facilitate an accurate flow of leads to the CRM.

Hands on Coaching and Training

database Cleaning and organizing

an unmaintained database will cause problems with your analytics, inaccuracy in marketing operations, and worst of all – unnecessary payments for contacts not relevant to your organization.

We know what to look for and how to help you clear out what’s unnecessary, leaving you with an engaged database that really works for you.

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