John Bryce Training China announces the successful Completion of the First stage of Microsoft Infrastructure training project in Petro China Company Limited

The training is part of the strategic deal signed between John Bryce and Petro China Company Limited – the national oil and Gas Company of the People’s  Republic of China

jb - John Bryce Training China announces the successful Completion of the First stage of Microsoft Infrastructure training project in Petro China Company LimitedJohn Bryce Training China, has announced its success in completing the first phase of the strategic deal for Software Engineering training in Petro China Company Limited, the National Oil and Gas Company of China. The training project was tailored especially to answer the unique learning needs of Portal Project Team, Petro China Company Limited and covers aspects of the Microsoft infrastructure technology.

Petro China Company Limited, through its subsidiaries, operates as an integrated oil and gas, and chemical company in the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong. The company is considered to be the third largest oil refiner in the world. The company’s headquarters is situated in Beijing.

John Bryce Training, active in China for approximately two years, has the skills and experience needed to fully custom-tailor and adjust the relevant IT courses to the size and needs of a giant industrial organizations in China. As gold certified Microsoft training center in China, Europe and Israel, John Bryce will focus on training the IT engineers and professional staff of Petro China Company Limited on the new and advanced Microsoft technologies in IT infrastructure, and will prepare them for the relevant Microsoft certifications as required by their technology needs.

According to Jian Sun, Leader of Portal Project Team in Petro China Company Limited:

After completing one-month training provided by professional instructor in John Bryce, we have a deep understanding of SQL server 2005 with our professional level improved. We are very satisfied with the training process of John Bryce, which is highly targeted”. “The course content had been tailored to meet our actual requirement. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and the courses were explained clearly. Additionally, they also provide timely follow-up service” adds Jian Sun.

Yoav Chernitz, CEO of John Bryce Training China adds that: “We are glad to announce the successful completion of the first phase in the certification project for Petro China. This strategic deal is another example that even during the economic slowdown, enterprises in China select John Bryce Training, thanks to our tailored and cost effective services that answer our customers’ both learning needs and budget constraints. I am certain we will continue toward a satisfactory completion of the whole project as expected by Petro China”, concluded Chernitz.

Ori Lapid, Deputy General Manager for Technologies at John Bryce Training International, stated that “the training program planned for China Petro is based on the Microsoft solutions and is designed to certify the system and IT managers of the company on the new Microsoft technologies”. “this strategic deal joins a number of other important contracts John Bryce has signed during the last few months, with leading Chinese enterprises, despite of the global economic crisis we are experiencing in the local market as well as world wide” added Lapid.

About John Bryce Training and Deployment

John Bryce Training, the Training Division of Matrix, is the leading training company in Israel, Europe, and China in the fields of computer and information technology and for management, service, and sales skills.

John Bryce Training is an authorized training center for leading software and hardware companies worldwide, including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP, CA, Checkpoint, BEA, Redhat, Business Objects, PeopleSoft, BMC, Mercury, and others. John Bryce Training operates training centers in Israel and throughout Europe and China.

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