RayV Technologies Launches The Next Leap in Online Video: HD Streaming Without Buffering


Revolutionary technology that delivers Live TV and VOD content to any platform – PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Smart TV-  in record time 

rayv logo - RayV Technologies Launches The Next Leap in Online Video: HD Streaming Without BufferingRayV Technologies launched RayV Cloud TV – an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way users view Live TV and VOD content on their PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.  RayV Cloud TV enables users to watch VOD content and live streaming at unprecedented quality (OTT – Over the Top) without buffering.

Key Features:

Streaming without buffering.  The encoding technology enables the entire video content to be delivered without downloading.  The user simply streams the chosen content, regardless of the connection speed.
Short loading between channels.  Zapping between various content channels is as immediate as flipping through browser tabs.

Genuine social viewing.  RayV Cloud TV synchronizes itself with Facebook and the movies’ and TV series’ database.

How does it work?
RayV’s platform receives an external feed (Live/VOD) and relays it to local servers; the signal is then shared by active users. Upon receiving the chosen content, every user passes on a small part of it to other users.  Thus, anyone connected receives the entire video, eliminating buffering time.

This solution’s advantages are evident: there is no need to download files which increases computer security, reduces hard drive space and bandwidth overload.

By utilizing inactive users as ‘amplifiers’ (which contribute a small portion of their bandwidth without actually receiving the video), RayV‘s platform addresses the problem of the DSL networks limited uploading speed.

RayV Technologies markets its technology to communication service providers (e.g. telephony providers, mobile operators etc.), TV channels, content owners and others. RayV Cloud TV is an end-to-end solution which reduces infrastructure investment to a minimum and cable companies worldwide already use RayV’s services to offer their customers video content.

According to Shlomi Cohen, RayV’s CEO, “From PCs to smartphones, tablets and connected TVs, RayV is changing the viewing experience of millions of users worldwide. The current TV sector is attracting technological giant such as Apple and Google. RayV offers a trailblazing solution, protected by dozens of registered patents, which enables the delivery of Live and VoD streaming at unparalleled quality.

About RayV Technologies
RayV Technologies, an Israeli company founded in 2005, specializes in the delivery of high quality Live TV and VOD content to PCs and connected devices through the Cloud.  The company employs 50 employees, most of which are world-class mathematicians and algorithm developers. The company has raised more than 40 million dollars in investment.  The main investor is Ron Zuckerman, who is also the chairperson of the company’s board.  Other investors include among others: Jim Manzi, Ofer Hi-Tech and SkyWalker Ventures.





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