Rimini Street Conquers the East


As part of the marketing go-to-market strategy for China prepared by Xtra Mile – B2B marketing agency, Rimini Street participated last January in CIO Annual Seminar, sponsored by D1Net, one of china’s largest conference and media companies in the IT sector. The conference was the first exposure of Rimini Street as part of the overall marketing strategy to penetrate the markets in main land China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This was the first step in the awareness campaign produced by Xtra Mile for the company’s solutions.

Over 150 CIOs from State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and private companies participated in the conference. They had the opportunity to see and hear the lecture of Mr. Frank Cho, Rimini Street’s managing director for China, about the solutions the company brings to the Chinese market.

The conference was a success. It achieved Rimini Street’s marketing and business objectives. We succeeded in increasing awareness to the Rimini Street brand and solution, began the education process among the target audience, and created significant business opportunities among over 40 CIOs.


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