Xtra Mile appointed as Country partner of Employer Branding International


Employer Branding International (EBI) has confirmed the appointment of Xtra-Mile, one of Israel’s leading B2B and digital marketing agencies, as the exclusive Country Party in Israel for World Employer Branding Day.

EBI develops organizational and marketing tools designed to promote and enhance corporate and organizational employer branding. These include training programs, conferences, seminars, workshops and other employer branding dedicated events.

EBI is active in over 30 countries, with an international client base includes major global industrial and service corporations such as Ikea, SAP, IBM and Daimler Benz.

Employer branding relates to organizational processes based on close collaboration between organizational marketing and HR resources, aimed at improving the organization brand towards potential employees, to increase recruitment effectiveness and minimize employee attrition, ensuring the organization can attract and retain the talent it wants in today’s highly competitive skill and savvy hungry labor markets.

“HR managers, especially in the rapidly growing hi-tech arena face constantly more complicated recruitment challenges, as the growing demand for highly skilled and motivated human resources exceeds available supply”, says Sharon Israel, Xtra-Mile’s co-CEO. “One the one hand these companies find themselves having to dramatically increase the resources they allocate to recruitment and employee retention, while at the same time they are not infrequently unaware of how the company is perceived as a potential employer”. “Our in-depth knowledge of the global technology labor market, together with our well- honed marketing skills and expertise and our opportunity to Partner with EBI and agencies from around the world, enable us to provide effective employer branding solutions. Together with our clients, we develop valuable and effectual and create organizational infrastructure enhancing tools, to ensure their attractiveness and uniqueness as an employer are recognized and appreciated.”

EBI hosts the annual World Employer Branding Day conference, the industry’s number one event. The conference attracts hundreds of senior leaders from more than 50 countries including many of the world’s leading companies. The event includes workshops and presentations by senior executives from leading Forbes 500 companies such as Google, SAP, Salesforce and other major global corporations. This year, the conference will take place in Prague, between 25th-27th of April 2018.

Xtra-Mile, as the Country Partner for Israel, will be leading an Israeli delegation that includes senior representatives from leading Israeli and global companies.

To Register:  http://info.xtra-mile.co.il/employer-branding-conference-day

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