Lifecycle Marketing


Lifecycle Marketing

In today’s transformative digital business environments, technology, products and services are no longer the be-all and end-all an organization. It’s about people, customer experience, engagement, journeys, social responsibility, sustainability, and personalization. It is about the value a company brings to all its shareholders. Marketing is no longer a practice for a select group of marketing and salespeople but must include other functions in an organization like human resources, customer service, professional service, R&D and more.

Xtra Mile’s lifecycle-marketing model redefines marketing strategies. It is aimed at creating a synergetic relationship between all stakeholders in a business – customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, partners and society at large. It is about going the distance with digital and physical strategies that speak the language of all audiences, whoever and wherever they are. It’s about building a strong brand image and lasting experiences.

In alignment with these trends, Xtra Mile’s lifecycle marketing focuses on three main spheres: External Marketing (marketing and sales), Employment Marketing (human resources, employer branding, candidate experience), and Purpose-Driven Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) marketing.


XtraMileCycle - Lifecycle Marketing

A Holistic Approach

We work in partnership with our customers so they can see that human resources and marketing are inseparable; that contributing to the community and being involved in social causes increases their value in the eyes of prospects, customers, employees and potential candidates. We show them that the traditional method of working in silos is a thing of the past. Only a holistic approach to creating and giving meaning to a company brand will lead to a stronger presence and more sales.

In an era when society and marketing go hand in hand, we work with our customers to reinforce their values of ethics, sustainability, time optimization and work/life blend to make their brand truly unique.

To sum up, while the quest for leads and more sales continue to be key business objectives, the methods have changed. Lifecycle marketing is about all segments of an organization working together to create a 360-degree positive and value-based brand image that speaks to the hearts of all stakeholders.

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