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Marketing Automation is an essential strategy that enables B2B marketers to enhance customer experience by delivering personalized customer marketing, in a resource-efficient way, at scale.
In today’s competitive business environment, Marketing Automation allows any B2B business active in the digital arena to streamline their marketing workflows, join the dots between different marketing activities, measure results across multiple channels, and ultimately, increase conversions that grow their business

Why choose Xtra Mile to develop your Marketing Automation?

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What we offer?

Strategy development and implementation
Defining buyer personas
Developing your Marketing Automation strategy
Email marketing & email automation
Developing your email marketing plan and supporting assets
Reporting and measurement
Setting up a reporting system, generating reports and progress dashboards
Lead capture, nurture & qualification
Planning lead generation, capture & nurture tactics, executing landing pages and other assets
Marketing-Sales alignment
Integrating different CRM and marketing databases into one consolidated system

Frequently asked questions:

Marketing Automation uses software tools to automate an organization’s marketing activities and initiatives. Marketing Automation can be used to increase the efficiency of repetitive activities such as email campaigns, marketing communications, SMS, chat, social media or even media campaigns.
Once set up correctly, Marketing Automation can enable large-scale customer interactions, while also enabling automated optimization and data-driven decision making.

While any business investing in marketing communications can benefit from Marketing Automation, the benefit for B2B businesses is higher due to the lengthier marketing and sales process of B2B businesses. Marketing Automation for B2B businesses allows continuous and effective communication with leads and prospects throughout the process. Marketing Automation tools also allow B2B marketers to gain greater visibility and control over their communication channels and the different attribution of each channel.

Prior to implementing Marketing Automation for your B2B business it’s important to first understand your business and marketing goals and how Marketing Automation can assist in achieving these. Since most Marketing Automation tools require training and proficiency, it can be a wise and (ultimately cost-effective) investment to kick-off the process with an expert partner or agency.

You will find a wide variety of Marketing Automation tools and platforms in the market. Choosing a platform which is the best fit for your business can be crucial for your future success with the platform. A first step is clearly defining your needs in terms of multiple marketing channels, different system integrations, landing pages, forms etc. Based on our experience working with different platforms, we’ll be happy to advise you about which Marketing Automation platform best suits your requirements.

No, you can start implementing Marketing Automation on your own. However, in our experience, going through the process of implementing and starting your Marketing Automation efforts without having essential knowledge and experience may prove less effective and will consume far more time and resources. A knowledgeable, experienced agency partner can assist you in planning and implementing your Marketing Automation strategy to maximize your business and marketing KPIs.

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