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B2B marketing is an art, a strategy, a philosophy and a great deal of psychology. It’s like a recipe, actually.

Only when all ingredients are combined to perfection will your results be delicious. 

At Xtra mile, we have perfected B2B marketing to make it delectable. Here’s how we do it.

  • XtraMileIcon Vision– the vision is our clear understanding of your business, its purpose, and what you want to achieve.
    We study your company, products and services, form a vision for your marketing strategy and ensure that all activities that follow are aligned.
  • XtraMileIcon Clear methodology – the vision will not be conveyed properly without a clear methodology behind it.
    We design and execute detailed and practical plans that include essential ingredients like in-depth study, rich content, realistic frameworks, carefully drawn journeys, metrics, buyer personas, analytics and much more.
    As important, we help you define the value propositions and customer insights you need for successful marketing.
  • XtraMileIcon Winning team – the best-laid plans will fail without the right people to execute them.
    B2B marketing is a melting pot of skills and professions. Xtra mile employs digital campaign managers, social-media experts, graphic designers, content writers, marketing communications managers, employer branding gurus.
    Only people with the right talent and a track record of success can make your marketing efforts a true success.
  • XtraMileIcon Tools – marketing automation, KPI's, analytics, CRM, big data and all other buzzwords are essential to plan your programs and measure your results. We partner with platforms like Marketo, HubSpot, Leadiro, Zoominfo, and others to ensure you’re always on the right track.
  • XtraMileIcon Online and offline integration – even though most marketing efforts today go to digital, don’t forget the personal touch. After all, campaigns are done, a phone call or a face-to-face meeting is what will ultimately seal the deal.
    We help you distill digital leads so you can contact the ones that bring you revenue.
  • XtraMileIcon Review – after you have mixed all the ingredients and put your dish into the oven, you have to constantly monitor its progress. In your marketing efforts, this is achieved by recurring reviews, using analytics tools and perfecting the process for the next marketing program.

At Xtra mile we go above and beyond to make your product and service stand out

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