Our Story

SINCE 2007

Xtra mile is a B2B lifecycle-marketing agency that operates in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

With over 15 years of experience working with leading customers in the high-tech, medical and technology industries, Xtra mile helps businesses increase customer lifetime value (CLV) while dramatically reducing customer acquisition 
cost (CAC).

Xtra mile provides A-Z marketing services that drive results. From engaging new prospects with digital campaigns to create marketing qualified leads (MQLs), through account-based maximization of sales qualified leads (SQLs), to the retention and increased CLV for existing customers, we are a 360-degree marketing-services provider that walks the marketing journey.

In today’s transformative economy, we integrate a coherent system that leverages customer engagement from acquisition to retention and offer clear marketing methodologies and processes that truly improve the bottom line. 

We are proud of our team of seasoned professionals in all marketing fields – from digital marketing and social media experts, through content writing to marketing strategists. 

All this knowledge and hands-on best practices are put at the disposal of our customers and help them succeed in today’s competitive space.

As a lifecycle-marketing agency, we do not only take care of customer-facing marketing.
We also work closely with businesses in employer-branding strategies that create their unique character brands. 

We help companies deliver the right message to differentiate themselves among their potential employees’ market, hire top talent, and maintain the best employees through ongoing iComm activities.

At Xtra mile, we do go the proverbial extra mile for our customers.

Our Team

XM Pictures tal 2 e1570530886835 - Our Story
Tal Garten Z"L (may her memory be a blessing)




Tal was an inseparable part of our team for 3 years.

 Having started at Xtra-mile as a graphic designer, Tal quickly changed over to managing the digital department, proving to us entirely, that if there is something she loves, she will learn and undertake what’s needed, while carrying us all to the following destination. Tal, who was a gifted photographer filled with creativity, curiosity, and talent, gushed deep into our hearts. 

We love and miss you very much