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Have you noticed how many companies refer to themselves as families?

Yeah…. So, we don’t roll in that direction. Cause, well, family is family.

We do, however, share a mom & dad named Sharon Israel and Erez Raz, who are happily married (yup, that means to each other). And instilling certain values into the (we won’t say family!) agency which they have established, is of utmost importance to them. One evening, they gathered all the (we won’t say kids!) employees at dinner, to discuss the pressing issues at hand. Once we established that Dganit had to stop leaving her clothes on the floor and dear Roi seriously needs to pull his finger out of his nostril, because we ain’t having a fun day at Superland (and these are not real employees. Or are they?…), we formulated what truly defines our non-family and how do we differ from all these other ‘families’.

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Human relationships are at the core of everything.

Our culture is one of humanity, mutual respect, and transparency, allowing everyone to express themselves freely.

Obviously aside from you, Roi – Yuck! Now, go wash out your finger. Networking and enjoying the ride allow us to spread our enthusiasm, and unique perspectives.

Human values, professionalism, and reciprocity are important components of our interactions, while never losing track of our role within our community and the environment.

As a global marketing leader, we are constantly evolving, keeping an eye out for the subsequent Xtra-mile, and discovering new worlds.

We strive to learn from our mistakes and successes, identify new needs and better solutions, and provide our people the opportunity to grow – personally and professionally.

We are delighted with our creative solutions generated by diversity, collaboration, and mutual fertilization.

During this week, for example, the cleaner won’t be around, so Dganit will just have to figure things out on her own (And she has our full confidence!).

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We yearn to lead, challenge, and go the Xtra-mile for our customers before they are even aware of their needs and desires.

By thinking ahead, we are able to build capabilities and solutions that are exceptional, sophisticated, and accurate.

Combining deep relationships and innovative ideas on the professional front enable us to be powerful, express a clear stance and act transparently.

We are honored to say that our customers trust us and see us as real partners in their success.

Dganit and Roi, please put the dishes in the dishwasher, as Mom and Dad aren’t your servants.

So, if after all that, you still think we're a family

Well, you said it, not us

Come on, just drop on by for coffee, and make up your own mind. Just don’t forget to keep the sink tidy. 😊

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