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We’re tailor-made for partner marketing, co-sell, and co-marketing plans as certified by Microsoft, Google  and IBM. 


While running partner sponsored events or campaigns, using their own marketing teams, many companies struggle to maximize on their partnership opportunities. As a global B2B marketing agency, who specializes in tech marketing, and with our Microsoft, Google  and IBM certifications, you can leave all the heavy lifting to Xtra-Mile. While working with the big vendors can be very beneficial, we also understand how difficult it is to maintain compliance with all the practices, regulations, and requirements of these tech giants. Furthermore, our ability to access all of your partners’ data, combined with our skills and experience, allows us to develop far better strategies to deliver superior results.

The idea is to simplify your partner marketing efforts. Our teams will strategize and execute targeted campaigns that will significantly increase your reach and effectiveness, while you’ll be free to focus on your company goals while we make sure you maintain your fruitful and long-term collaboration with your partners, delivering the marketing products to maximize the value of your partnership.

As a marketing agency that specializes in the tech industry, we have been running campaigns on different channels with all the major players in the tech industry worldwide. Our unique partner marketing certifications show that Xtra Mile meets the rigorous criteria for marketing GTM plans, digital marketing campaigns, social media and creative solutions and many more. It also reflects our vast understanding of the different products and solutions – from cloud to cyber security and beyond.  demonstrating our superior capabilities. We are proud of our standard of excellence, and proven accomplishments, offering you marketing strategies tailored to your goals and aligned with your partners’ demands. As a result of our relationships with these tech giants, we can reach the right audience with the proper message for you to keep on enjoying their marketing support and tools.

With over 15 years of experience, working with companies in competitive B2B tech-markets, we’re skilled at delivering true marketing value by implementing successful go-to-market strategies and digital execution. Also, as a part of iSMG, our parent company headquartered in the US with offices around the globe, we possess the experience and expertise that can surpass any borders.

Let us help you reach your target audiences worldwide using proven, smart, integrated digital, social media, content and physical marketing strategies that will take your marketing initiative to a whole new level. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for data-driven and strategic marketing solutions, making sure you’re reaching the right audiences and aligning your sales, marketing, and business KPIs, look no further.

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