What’s behind marketing automation?

More than Just Technology

Marketing Automation uses technology to carry out automatic tasks designed to improve inbound marketing reach, nurture and qualify the marketing leads. 

This enables companies and marketers to streamline, measure and constantly optimize and personalize their marketing performance and increase revenues.

Marketing automation tools such as lead scoring, triggered workflows, smart content, smart forms, campaign management, measurements, social monitoring etc. are indeed very important in today’s marketing space, some say there even a must. 

They help engage the buyer persona at the right time with the relevant content.

But none of these tools will increase revenue without a clear inbound strategy behind them and without the deep understanding of the right marketing automation process for the organization.

Before embarking on this great Marketing Automation adventure be sure to take time to consider the right strategy, issues and technical pitfalls you may encounter.

Make sure you develop and understand the appropriate business and marketing strategy as well as the marketing activities to support them.

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