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Global employer branding

Did you think Amazon, Ebay or even Google are carefree when it comes to recruiting? Well, they are not! The reality is that the giant global companies face as many difficulties in recruiting talent as startups or SMBs, and sometimes even more.

Employer branding process

Employer branding varies from company to company and is adapted to the specific needs of each. The basic methodology, however, is very similar, and includes concepts like target audience analysis, strong messaging and the ability to process critical data for the success of the process.

Employee value proposition

The hottest recruitment marketing buzzword, the HR unique selling point, the recruitment department’s secret weapon. Whatever we choose to call it – EVP is the backbone in the employer branding process.

Recruitment marketing

Employer branding is not just a strategy – it is a true courtship ritual. Targeted content, precise messaging and attractive visual elements are the foundation for a unique employer brand.

Inbound marketing checklist

All the basics you need to know when approaching an inbound marketing campaign.

Buyer personas

Want to learn more about what are buyer personas? What are negative personas? What are the right methods for developing a buyer persona?

Marketing automation strategy

You’re currently reviewing your marketing strategy. You don’t have marketing people in house and hesitate whether to engage multiple expert marketing agencies that will each give you an optimum end product, or a single agency that will give you 360-degree service. Here are some tips that may help you decide.

Marketing automation platform

Are you having difficulties improving the quality of your leads? Is your conversion time increasing instead of decreasing? Is your marketing team facing challenges they don’t know how to address? Download Xtra Mile’s whitepaper and learn how to do it right.

HubSpot implementation

Whether you’ve been using HubSpot for years or are just starting, we can help you unleash its full potential. With our HubSpot programs and our best practices, you will start seeing ROI and generating revenues from your marketing-automation investment within days!

Inbound marketing agency

Choosing the right B2B inbound marketing agency to promote your product or service is no easy task. Download The ABC of Choosing an Inbound B2B Marketing Agency and read about some of the basic ingredients of the perfect match between a company and its marketing agency.

Apply for a job

Apply for a job